15 places to hang a stocking when you don’t have a fireplace

15 places to hang a stocking

We moved earlier this year and I’ve discovered the thing I miss most about my old house is the fireplace. It was warm and cozy and created a beautiful atmosphere during winter. Besides my Christmas tree, our mantle was my favorite thing to decorate during Christmas time. But what if you don’t have a fireplace or a mantel? Can you still hang your stockings with care if they aren’t near a chimney!?

Of course you can.

I have rounded up some beautiful and creative places to hang stockings if you don’t have a fireplace.

First I’ll share what I did with my stockings and then show you the other favorite options I found around the internet.

I decided to hang my stockings on a dresser I have in my front room, it’s right by my Christmas tree, and really the only spot I could find to hang them in my small house. We’re renting this house and I try not to add too many holes to walls, so this was a perfect option for me. I could have just hung them from the knobs on the dresser, but there are only four and I have five stockings. So I used Command hooks that I can easily take off when Christmas is over and I covered the hooks with a little garland.


I’m happy with how it turned out and the stockings instantly made my front room look ready for Christmas.

P.S. If your stockings look limp when you hang them, add a piece of folded card stock inside to keep them propped until Santa comes.

where to hang stockings




You can use the same concept I used with the dresser and put them on any piece of furniture around the house. These stockings are hung on an entertainment center.

stockings 2

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Of course, you can hang hooks for your stockings. I think this look is so beautiful.


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How fun would it be to have the kids run into your room in the morning and see their stockings. In my head it seems awesome, but maybe I’d change my tune early Christmas morning. 🙂 And, I wish I had a bed frame that gorgeous!

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I think stockings look so gorgeous on stairway railings.


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How cute/cool is this idea!? Why not make your own mantel for Christmas? The instructions make this seem pretty easy.


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I love these whimsical stockings hanging in a window.


 (I can’t find the photo source on this one, please let me know if you know where this came from!)





Why not hang stockings on a ladder. This is perfect for a small space.


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You can even buy stocking holders! I didn’t check the price on any of them, but click on the photo source below the picture to find out where to buy them.


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If you’re feeling a little crafty you could turn a window into a perfect place to hang stockings. So cute!


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There are tutorials all over the place for this darling “the stockings were hung..” sign. I loved the mismatched knobs and the bright red paint on this one.


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I love everything about this one. The rustic skis with hooks and the darling stockings are perfect together. This comes from Pottery Barn Kids.


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Hanging stockings on an antique suitcase is a perfect way to display both. Sometimes the most simple ideas are the coolest.


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Of course you could always just rest the stockings on couches and chairs. Easy peasy!


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Which one is your favorite idea? Where do you all hang your stockings?