Too much Halloween Candy?

Kelli is back for a guest post and has a great idea for portion control with candy consumption. Because let’s be honest, sometimes free mounds of candy is one of the worst things that can happen to our sanity! We would love to hear the ideas you have too! I know I probably should make a portion control plan for myself!  Happy Halloween everyone, be safe! 🙂 ~ Camille


Too much candy?!!

I love Halloween, but I feel like my kids eat way too much everyday so I came up with a solution. They each have their own bag filled with their candy, and a smaller bag (attached to the fridge with a magnet), with 5 coins in it.  If they want a treat, they have to buy one from me!   ( I put each of their bags in bin, somewhere they can’t get to:) they can have up to 5 treats a day while they are out of school, and 2 treats a day when they are in school.  There will be no more sneaking treats at my house……unless its by me;).



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  • I LOVE this idea! Thanks for sharing!ReplyCancel

  • jm

    Good idea. At our house the limit was three pieces a day. The children always had Halloween candy last until Thanksgiving, and one child always had some past Christmas. I think setting a boundary works best if you start young and pay enough attention to be consistent. Thanks for sharing.ReplyCancel


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