Time for Us: Parent and Kids Journals

It’s here!!! Time for Us is launching their first parent and kids journals with journal prompts for kids so you stay connected.

Parent and Child Interactive Journals

I’ve been keeping a journal since I was five years old. Journaling has helped me connect with who I am, overcome hard times, and achieve my goals. For the past year and a half I’ve been working on creating a parent/child prompt journal called “Time For Us”.

With all of the time spent with screens these days it can be harder to create moments that matter & create time for connection. This last year, Time For Us was only in monthly printable form, but I’m excited to announce each journal is now available in linen hardbound or coil bound form! And the colors are beautiful!!!

This journal is designed to bring parent and child together in a simple, meaningful way. (Ages 2-12). This is launch week and I’m doing 20% off code LAUNCHWEEK. Free shipping on orders $55+. Pick up your Time for Us journals at my Shop HERE!

It’s always been important to me to connect with my kids and be in tune with their feelings, dreams and imaginations. They grow up so fast and I want to remember all of the little things. Also I want them to have these kids journals to look back and remember their childhood one day.

Time goes by SO fast! We spend so much time running around with all the different demands of life that we don’t take the time to connect. With so many distractions in the home, connecting as a family is a struggle. My kids are all different in their own way and connecting with a teenager is very different than connecting with a pre schooler.

These journals as so special to me. Childhood is so special. What I love about these kids journals are the daily journal prompts for kids. It would be difficult for a child to just write what they are thinking or feeling, they need some kind of prompt or idea to get them started.

Woman holding kids journals

Each Journal Comes With:

  • Daily question prompts about how your child is feeling, the weather, how they want to be creative today.
  • Unique thoughtful/creative prompts that change each day.
  • Kid quiz (about me pages & space to share Picts of their favorite things)
  • Best guess pages allow child to share how they see you and create discussions around your relationship. Ie: what car you drove growing up, how they like to spend time with you, what makes you happy.

Time for Us Journals Make the Perfect Gift for Both Parents and Kids

This would be an awesome gift for your kids, your grandchildren, or another child that is special in your life.

As a Mom I can say I’ve been given plenty of coupons from my kids! I hope and think you all know what I’m talking about. Receiving a special journal for me and my kids to share feelings, dreams and imaginations would be the perfect gift.

At first my kids were not sure what was so special about these journals until we started doing them. It’s amazing to see the difference in attitudes and behaviors when we are able to connect. They love doing their daily journals and look forward to special time with Mom.

Mom and Child journaling

Reasons Why Time For Us Journals Are So SPECIAL!

  • We stay connected with our kids
  • Share our Feelings
  • Create memories
  • Document all the little things
  • Give meaningful time
  • Help kids use their imaginations
  • Share our wishes and dreams

Daily Journal Prompts for Kids

  • The Time for Us Journals are coil bound for the kids, making it easy to lay it flat on a table for writing and coloring. The daily journal prompts for kids include: fill in the blank, coloring, and circling choices.
Kids journals
  • These journals are intended for ages 2-12 yrs old. They are meant to be interactive to keep the kids engaged and they will look forward to using them daily. My kids always remind me when it’s Time For Us!
Child journaling

Give the gift of time to your kids and yourself this next year. Our kids change so fast and it’s important to keep a record their childhood. Go to my shop and get your Time for Us Jounals. This is launch week Remember to use code LAUNCHWEEK to get 20% off. Free shipping on orders $55+.

This journal was born out of love and I know if used it will bless lives!! It is thrilling and terrifying to bring a product to market, but I am so grateful to see it finally come to life.👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Thank you so much for your ongoing support it means the world. Please reach out and let me know your experiences using them throughout the year.

A special thanks to Vanessa Marquiss Barker, Sadie Banks & Elise Egbert who helped make my vision a reality.

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  • Oh this is so so so cool Camille!!  It’s so exciting and rewarding to have something you created published!!  I used to be an avid journal writer and am now thinking that it is something that I definitely need to get back into!!  You’re awesome!!  Congrats again!!ReplyCancel


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