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I know today isn’t officially my turn to blog, but I’ve been in Hawaii for the past 8 days.  It was a beautiful trip, and I will post pictures later – but today I wanted to share a quick thought.  I have a friend named Craig Manning.  He is affiliated with “Griffin Hill” a training system we use in my businesses, that focuses on great sales techniques, business practices, and more.  My favorite part of the system is the knowledge we get from Craig on being mentally strong in our lives.  I have always loved great quotes, that motivate and make me want to be better, in general.  If I focus on the positive things in my life, there always seems to be more.  When I let myself slip, and dwell on the negativity that creeps into all of our lives when we let it – well, I am weaker as a mother, friend, wife, and most importantly ME.  I believe we are here on this earth to be happy.  Through trials, triumphs, pain, and experiences – we have the chance to gain happiness, or use those same experiences for an excuse to be miserable.

Happy people don’t have more happy things happen to them, they learn how to choose to be happy.

I wanted to share this video his company posted today, because it sparked a few thoughts I wanted to share.  In this busy world, we are all inundated with information.  ESPECIALLY having the title of “mother”.  Not only do we have our named called out countless times a minute, we have the blessing of technology to help us manage those little ones.  I couldn’t live without my iPhone, which I schedule EVERYTHING on.  Play dates, doctor visits, to do lists, school activities, homework, my exercise schedule, my bank information, email, my contacts, business appointments, weather, trips, GPS, and MORE!  Oh, and I also use it to make and answer calls.

In this process, I have seen how it can overtake my life – as I try to manage it.  I am not great in this area, because I tend to be a little ADD and Yellow in my personality origin.  SO, I check my email many times a day, and tinker with all I have to do while I am standing in lines, waiting for my shower to get warm, or changing my clothes.  It’s actually quite embarrassing, but I’d venture to guess that I am not the only one that does this.

In an attempt to get better at scheduling times to let myself use my phone in better ways, I plan on using this video as the reason.  IF, as the video suggests, we can only focus on so many things at a time, which I believe – I don’t want all of those important apps on my phone fill that space, instead of my children.  Don’t get me wrong, I need those apps to run my life – but I also need my kids to know that I love them, first and foremost.

Enjoy!  Feel free to share his link.  He has more powerful information coming, I am sure. (oh, and he has no idea I am doing this, that’s how much I believe in what he is doing.)

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