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Hi everyone! I’m Kendra from over at The Things I Love Most. I’m so excited to be here today at My Mommy Style to share something that I love….learning and teaching children to love it!  I enjoying blogging about the things I love, from food, family, fun, travel, homeschool, products and more! I have loved this Summer Learning Series that these girls have put together.  As a homeschool mom of 5 kids, helping our children love to learn is so important. It’s especially important to help them keep that love of learning alive during the summer.  One of my favorite ways to help my kids learn is through games.  This week as they are talking about numbers and shapes, I decided to focus on Learning Shapes.  The Shape Walk & Other Fun Games to Help Children Learn Their ShapesI have a 2 year old and a 4 year old that call everything a square or circle!  I decided it was time for them to learn their shapes and have fun while doing it!  I came up with a few fun games that have to do with learning shapes.

Fun Games to Help Children Learn Shapes

Shape Walk-

The Shape Walk & Other Fun Games to Help Children Learn Their Shapes

The first game I came up with is called The Shape Walk.  You know, like a cake walk, with shapes and without cake! The game comes with a set of small cares and a set of big cards.  To play print, laminate and cut out all the cards. Place the larger cards on the ground and the smaller ones mix in a pile or put in a sack or hat.

Shape Walk 3

Have one person be the caller and play music while everyone walks around on the shapes.  When the music stops the caller picks a card from the smaller cards and the person on that shape get the card, but they have to say what shape it is.  Keep going until all the smaller cards are gone. The person with the most small shape cards wins! ShapeWalk 3This game isn’t only fun for the little kids. I got my older kids and my husband involved and they all like it!Shape Walk 5Print Game Here –The Shape Walk & Other Fun Games to Help Children Learn Their Shapes

Match The Shapes-

Match the Shapes

This one is very easy and perfect for little kids that can’t read yet.  Lay the big shapes on the ground face up.  Give the child the little cards and have them pick them up one by one and match them to the bigger shape.  They can play this game on their own, but it would be good to sit near them and teach them the names of each shape.

Shape Flashcard Game-The Shape Walk & Other Fun Games to Help Children Learn Their Shapes

For this game I would hold up the big card and lay all the small cards.  Hold the big card up and have the child find the match on the ground. You could also flash them like regular flash cards so they can learn the shape or spelling.

Shape Matching-
Shape Matching

All my kids got into this game, and it’s a great way to learn shapes!  Lay all the smaller cards on one side, and the bigger on the other side face down.  Take turns trying to find the match.  You can decide on the rules of if they find a match they get to go again or not. Since there aren’t a lot of cards we just played where they could only go once no matter what.

My kids had a lot of playing these games and learning the shapes.  My little 4 year old loved learning the names of some of the harder shapes such as Octagon and Sphere!

Shape Games

Print Game Here –The Shape Walk & Other Fun Games to Help Children Learn Their Shapes


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