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My kids have found their new favorite dessert…and its healthy. I will be the first to admit that my kids are not health food lovers. I mean, they do love grilled chicken, and rice, and a variety of fruits and veggies, but they aren’t perfect eaters. They spit out their carrots. They gag down potatoes (weird, I know. Even fries). If asked they will cite pizza, hot dogs, and ice cream as their favorite foods. So with that said, we have found a dessert that they love, and quite frankly that I love too. We affectionately called it Banana Swirl. And its easy.

Take a couple of *ripe* bananas. Peel them. Cut them up. Freeze them. Then remove them once frozen and blend them up with a bit of milk in the blender. The result? A tasty banana flavored treat that has the consistency and texture of soft serve ice cream. When I first made it I was tempted to add some sugar to sweeten it up, but I decided to try it first and it certainly didn’t need it. My kids gobbled it up and now they spend their days watching our banana bunch to see if its starting to get “spots” yet. Meaning they are ripe enough to freeze.

*Can I just add here something that I just recently learned about peeling a banana? Did you know monkeys do not peel bananas from the stem but rather from the other end of the banana? You know, the end with the black, woody, knobby thing. True story. Upon learning that I decided to also start peeling the banana from that end and it has resulted in a much easier banana peeling experience. Just pinch the black part, pull, and peel. It likely won’t change your life, but I’m happy to know I’m peeling with the best of ’em now.*

Even though where I’m at its about 10 degrees outside right now, this treat has still been a hit in our house. It will probably be even better when its pushing 100 degrees outside this summer. Nonetheless I recommend you give it a try, and dream of warmer days to come.


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  • Melissa

    I love this idea! I have thrown away so many bananas because I didn’t have the time to make banana bread. I’m glad I have another tasty option.

    Oh, and we have been peeling our bananas like monkeys for a few months and it really has changed our lives. My kids can peel their own now, and you don’t end up with a mushy banana on top either.ReplyCancel


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