Summer Learning Series

Summer Learning Series is a way for you to engage your kids in fun and learning throughout the Summer! Choose from 17 topics to teach week by week!

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Summer Learning Series

Summer Learning Series is going to help give you some ideas of how to keep your kids playing and enjoying their time through the Summer.

Trying to keep our little ones having fun and still learning during the weeks of Summer can be a challenge. I’m all about the lazy days, playing in the water, sleeping in, and not having to get all the kids up and ready in the morning. As you all know, kids get bored, which leads to whining, fighting, and in many cases leads to us losing our minds!

Summer goes by so fast! I try to keep a journal of all of the fun things we do because as we all know our kids grow up too fast!

Ideas for Summer Fun

Summer Learning Series is a way for you to engage the kids in fun and learning throughout the Summer. You get to pick the different topics for learning week by week through out the Summer.

Every topic here will include crafts, books, recipes, activities, movies, and field trips that revolve around a certain theme.

You do not have to do ALL of them of course but it will get your minds going on something you could do to keep the fun and learning going and adapt it to the ages of your child(ren).

What Age is best for Summer Learning Series?

The list of themes and ideas are ideal for children ages 2-12. Adapt the themes and ideas to engage older children. Another idea is to have the older children help you with teaching younger children together.

This would be a wonderful Summer job for a young teenager if they wanted to host a Summer learning camp in their neighborhood.

17 Summer Learning Series Topics:

  1. Roller Coasters
  2. Trains
  3. Airplanes & Jets
  4. Cars
  5. Rocks
  6. Bugs
  7. Hands
  8. Imagination
  9. Recycle
  10. Tools
  11. Seasons
  12. Layers of the Earth
  13. Under the Sea
  14. Math
  15. Science
  16. The Body
  17. Healthy Choices

Roller Coasters

Bring out your inner dare devil and strap up to go on a Roller Coaster Ride!


There are so many ways to explore Trains as they are one of the oldest forms of transportation and no matter where you live you should be able to find a train to visit or ride!

Airplanes & Jets

Here are some fun, high-flying projects, snacks and books to get you going with this Summer Learning series on Airplanes & Jets.


This Summer Learning Series topic of Cars is full of so many ideas. Boys and girls both love to learn about cars.


Learn all about rocks with these 15 simple, easy and fun rock activities for kids. Rocks are great for crafting, playing games and collecting.

Bugs and Insects

Creep crawly Bugs and Insects are a sure hit! From scavenger hunts to crafts, this is sure to be a fun week for your little adventurers.


There are so many art projects to do with our Hands! Not to mention songs to sing.


I think encouraging Imagination in our children is something we all agree with. As parents, we know it is important, but sometimes with our busy lives and schedules we forget to take the time to help our children just be themselves. Luckily children are naturally very imaginative and everywhere they go can be magical. In this summer learning series, we need to make sure we are not stifling their creativity.


Skip the store and find supplies around the house to make these recycled art projects. 30 creative ideas will keep your kids busy crafting for a long time.



Summer Learning Series: Seasons

Seasons are fun to learn and with so many activities, they are sure to pick their favorite one!

50 Seasons Activities for Kids
Seasons are exciting and fun to explore with kids. Here are our favorite fifty seasons activities and books having to do with the four seasons.

Layers of the Earth

Learning about the Layers of the Earth is so much fun! My kids are love learning about earth science and think anything about the earth is cool.

Layers of the Earth for Kids

Under the Sea

Under the Sea is a magical and colorful place to explore! Here are some favorite under the sea activities for kids including art projects, games and snacks.

Summer Learning Series: Math

Making learning Math fun by these color by number pages and activity ideas for counting.

Summer Learning Series: Science

My kids especially love to do Science! We have done many science experiments at our home and it’s been so much fun.

The Body

The Body is a complex thing. Kids love to learn all about their bodies and all the many things it can do!

Healthy Choices

It’s important to teach our kids to make Healthy Choices. That includes physical activity, eating food that is good for our bodies, getting enough sleep and taking care of our bodies.

It is so much fun to learn and teach your kids all of these topics! Enjoy your summer creating lots of memories with your little ones!

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