Car Activities For Kids

Here are some fun car activities for kids to learn about things that go vroom! Enjoy these exciting games, crafts, books, movies and snacks all about cars!

car activities for kids

This Summer learning series is all about playing with all things CAR! We can all agree all girls and boys enjoy playing with cars. All fo my kids have enjoyed stages of car play.

Pick and choose from all these fun car activities that you can do with your kids. There are car crafts, games, books, movies and snacks. Most of these activities are super easy to do with little prep time.

The healthy apple car snack is a must do in these activities. I’m all about snacks that are fun to make for the kids and nutritious to eat. Scroll down to find how to make them.

11 Car Activities for Kids

1. Go to a Drive In.

2. Go see a car show.

3. Visit a mechanic and have him teach you how an engine works.

4. Build your own car and have your own backyard Drive-In! This idea came from the brilliant Centsational Girl.


5. Use painters tape to create a race track through your family room and pull out the matchbox cars.

race track car activities

6. Have some fun with your kids names with this fun idea from Buggy and Buddy.

Car activities with names

7. Tell your kids about the first car you ever owned and see if you can find a picture to show them. They will love to hear about your experiences learning to drive or the adventures you had in your first car. This was my first car. What is sad is this isn’t my exact car, but the exact model. I wish I had a picture of me with it! This car broke down on me twice on the freeway, it was the car I had my first accident in, the car I took to college, and for most of the time I owned it, it was part black and white. So many fun memories!


8. Visit the DMV, talk about car safety and why we always make sure to wear a seatbelt. Not sure where to find your local DMV? You can search for the closest one near you HERE.

9. Drawing with Cars is a fun idea from Housing a Forest. Your kids will love this creative way to draw.

markers taped to cars to color

10. Make your own wooden ramps and roads with this tutorial from Buggy and Buddy.

car and ramp

11. Buy some wooden car kids and have fun putting them together and painting them. You can get them from HERE.

Girl painting a wooden car.

Books All about Cars and Trucks

Go, Dog, Go! is a fun Car book for kids. Because there aren’t cars on every page of the book, have the kids watch carefully and when they see a car, they can shout, “go, dog, go!”

My Big Truck Book

Things That Go

Cars Read-Along Story Book and CD

 If I Built a Car


A lot of you probably have the Cars movie already, so why not have a little Cars Marathon? A really fun activity you could do with this is to actually make your own “cardboard box car” out of a box. The Kindergartners in our area do this every year at the end of the school year and it is a big hit.

Disney movie: Cars

Cars 2

Cars 3

Car Activities for Kids: Apple Snack

For a snack we made fun cars out of apples. They were a hit with the kids and they were pretty simple to put together.

First Step: Cut the Apples in half.

apple being cut in half with a knife

Second step: Cut off about 1/4 of the apple lengthwise on each side of the half.

slices of the apple being cut with a knife.

Third step: Use half of a mini Oreo for the wheels. With a pairing knife, cut out a square to serve as a cab of the car.

cutting out square in the apple with a knife.

Final step: Use a toothpick to make a flag, carrot slice for a steering wheel and Cherrios for the headlights. My kids love to mix up the drivers with their toys!

apple car with a batman figure inside.

We loved that the apple already came equipped with a tail pipe.

back of the apple car

What are some fun car activities you love?

*Posts may contain affiliate links. If you purchase a product through an affiliate link your cost will be the same, but My Mommy Style will receive a small commission. Your support is greatly appreciated!

*Posts may contain affiliate links. If you purchase a product through an affiliate link your cost will be the same, but My Mommy Style will receive a small commission. Your support is greatly appreciated!

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