Sometimes, even a Mom gets to Dress up

When I left high school, I thought I’d never get the chance to put on a formal dress again.

But life has a way of making things happen that you never planned on. Now, for various reasons, I find myself all dolled up. Most of the time it’s to attend a gala and support one of the causes I’ve been a part of. In 2014, I was the chair of the United Way of Utah county – Women’s Leadership Council gala. I was also the chair of Thanksgiving Point’s gala – and I was on the committee for the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium. I also attended several others that my friends put on, and dressed up once for a blogger event at Toscana. Anyway – I’ve been dressing up, and now the challenge is finding enough dresses to wear. I don’t want to buy a new dress every time, so I try to rotate them and wear them to things people haven’t photographed yet. I know, this all sounds crazy … I never thought I’d even be writing this when my husband and I were eating deer meet for two years of our marriage, and I was lucky to get out of my sweats.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to share a few pictures of the last dress I wore because I like seeing that kind of thing. They were taken very quickly and I was not in the posing mood…. (like ever). But here it goes. It’s not always easy to find modest, comfortable, flattering – yet not too sexy formal gowns. It’s actually REALLY hard.

I found this dress below at Dillards in Salt Lake City. I know, crazy right? I actually have had GREAT success there over the years. I have even bought several formal gowns off of their clearance rack. This particular dress cost me about $150.00 and full price it was $420.00.

OH, AND A HUGE DISCLAIMER! I AM NOT A MODEL, NOR DO I PROFESS TO BE ONE! TAKE IT EASY ON THIS GRANDMA! And a huge thank you to my daughter, Whiney, for quick taking these in horrible lighting in 5 minutes, because I begged 🙂

modest formal dress





The next picture is where Whitney was teasing me for my cheetah shoes…. Oh, and my BEAUTIFUL necklace and matching earrings were a gift from my daughter, Sydney. I’d have to ask where she got it.


I wore this dress to the Pillar of the Valley award ceremony a few weeks ago. Anyway, have a great day! I’m off to work at Tribalry. PS. I love my job.

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