Easy Party Games for Kids + Minute To Win it Games for Kids

Throwing a party for kids does not have to be stressful! Here are a list of party games for kids that are fun and easy to do! These party game ideas can work for kids ages 2-10 or even modified to be a little harder for older kids. Let’s get started!

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A few weeks ago I threw a rainbow themed party and we had such a wonderful time! I partnered with RainbowLite to bring awareness to prepping for the winter/cold season and bringing some fun into the mix with games that celebrated not only the COLORs of the rainbow but also the nutrients and vitamins they can supply when you are eating a wide variety of vegetables and fruits.

These rainbow themed games could work well for any party, as they are very similar to “Minute to Win it” type games that aren’t necessarily themed based at all.

Rainbow Road Rally Relay.

This game is a fun way to get the wiggles out and a really fun way to get the party started even when you are waiting on people to show up! lol

We used the court in my backyard, but you could set this up in a long driveway, sidewalk, or parking lot depending on safety and your options with running space.

What you will need: trikes, bikes, scooters, shoes. Brightly colored toys/insects. You could even use bouncy balls!

Object of the game: Race as a team, one at a time to collect different colored objects. First team to get through all of the colors wins.

  1. Line up two teams keeping in mind the ages of the kids so that they can compete against another child that is close to their age.
  2. Set up colorful items at the end of the “track”. I used different colored plastic bugs and dinosaurs I bought from the grocery store and had them in a simple clear cup.
  3. You can set up a line up of the colors that need to be collected before your next team mate. I simply called out the colors and let the kids go one by one.
  4. Allow kids to choose their mode of transportation. We had the choice of scooters, trikes, bikes, and legs. This can get a little tricky with trying to keep it fair, so we had the kids skip to make the process a little bit slower. 
  5. The kids can keep the little trinkets that they save and it is a fun way to get the party started!

Keep Your Colors in the Sky

What you will need: Balloons, space, a timer.

Object of the game: Keep your balloon in the sky for one minute without letting it touch the ground. If you have older children you can challenge them by giving them two or three balloons. 

  1. Line the kids in a row when you are about to start the game.
  2. Try having a practice round first, maybe two times. 
  3. Start the timer and let the balloons fly. The kids loved this game so much we played it three or four times. So easy and fun!

Don’t be a CHEESEBALL.

party games for kids, mymommystyle, minute to win it

What you will need: Shower caps, cheeseballs, shaving cream, wipes, timer.

Object of the game: Throw cheeseballs at the person’s head and try to make as many as you can stick to the shaving cream within a minute!

I was a little worried that this game was too advanced for some of these cute kids, but it really worked well for all ages! We were laughing up a storm and it was way cleaner than I expected it would be.

  1. Get two BRAVE volunteers who are willing to be brave and wear shower caps on their heads with shaving cream on top.
  2. Line up two lines who will take turns for a minute at a time throwing cheese balls to connect with the shaving cream on the heads of those wearing the shower caps.
  3. The shaving cream easily slides off, so we would clean it off into a garbage can and start over with the next brave volunteer. The kids loved it!

Necklace Mayhem

What you will need: Necklaces. I bought these necklaces from the dollar store and bought a couple of sets. I think total we had about 23 necklaces and that was a good amount for us!

Object of the game: Try to put on as many necklaces as you can in one minute!

  1. Set up the bundle of necklaces in front of contestant. 
  2. We made it fun as a group by counting each necklace out loud that the person put on.
  3. Set the timer and go!

Be a Sucker

What you will need: Straws, cups, cereal.

Object of the game: Get as many pieces of cereal from one spot to another by sucking through a straw in one minute.

party games for kids, mymommystyle, minute to win it1. Set up empty cups for each child.

2. Give each child a handful of cereal. I found that candy was a little too hard for small children, if the children playing are older you could use m&m’s, skittles, or some other small candies.

3. Do a practice round. Kids have a lot more fun playing the minute to win in games when they feel like they know what is going on in the game.

4. Set the timers for a minute and play to see how many the kids can get from the table to the cup in a minute.

Make a candy Necklace.

What you will need: fruit loops, gummy lifesavers, fruit rings, or other variety of food item that would work for making a candy necklace.

Object of the game: Make a candy necklace in one minute. 

We decided to do this as an activity rather than a competition, but you could still do it as a minute to win it game if you would like. The kids enjoyed making and eating their own individual creations.

games for kids, minute to win it

We had so much fun making them together!

A big THANK YOU to the sponsors of our party! Highlights who have these brand new targeted activity books, tracing, and photo puzzle mania!

Halos. We eat these by the gallon, especially in the winter season. This is one of the best ways to boost your vitamin intake!

Playfoam, Learn2Grow, If you are looking for a fun present to give a child these are both imaginative and fun. All of the kids loved playing with them.

And a big thank you to our main sponsor RainbowLight! They spoiled us with vitamin goodness and we are all obsessed with the gummy daily boost vitamins.

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