Nutter Butter Black Cats

nutter butter black catsI love dipping Nutter Butter cookies to turn them into fun new characters. I’ve made crocodiles, owls, and frogs before. They are an easy treat to make because there is no baking required and they don’t make too big of a mess. These black cats are adorable, a little spooky, and they only need a few ingredients (some you might already have in your pantry). The best part? If you cross they’re path you don’t need to worry about 7 years bad luck! 😉


-Nutter Butter cookies

-black candy melts (mine look brown in the picture, but they are black)

-chocolate chips (for the ears)

-green M&Ms (for the eyes)

-black edible candy marker (to draw in the pupils)

-white sprinkles (for the whiskers)

-heart sprinkles (for the nose)



First you melt the candy melts in the microwave and whisk together. Dip your nutter butters until they are completely covered, shake off the excess chocolate and transfer to some wax paper. Let them dry for a few minutes and then add the chocolate chips for the ears, the M&M’s for the eyes, sprinkle whiskers and nose. Let dry completely before handling.


For more fun Halloween ideas check out our Halloween board on Pinterest.



I’m sharing these cute black cats on Cupcake Diaries “30 days of Halloween”. The links below are all the other awesome Halloween snacks and printables that are part of the roundup. Click on the pictures to check them all out. (I’m surrounded by very talented people!)

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