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When Camille and I first talked about building a blog together a few years ago, we both agreed that the reason we were doing it, really, was to make a difference.  We believe that it takes a village to raise a child, and who better to support than mothers? Every mom views the world differently, parents in their unique way and makes a home for their family – the way that feels right to them.  That is exactly why we decided to go with the name “My Mommy Style”.  We wanted to share many different voices – many different Mom styles.

Recently, we were asked to be part of an awesome project that  Cents of Style and are doing.  It’s the “Be The Good” campaign, benefitting Girls, Inc. – an organization dedicated to inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, and bold. It is right up our alley, and we were so excited to support it!

As we discussed which activity we wanted to do while wearing these fun shirts, we decided to visit the parents group that I started with Help Me Grow, Utah, a few years ago, and take part in the great discussions and learning that goes on there. An effective and important way to support parents is by providing social connection; friends, family members, neighbors and community. Members can provide emotional support, help solve problems, offer parenting advice to each other.

During the Aspire Parents group, we lead the group in discussions about our community and how we, as parents, can take a lead in improving the lives of children in Utah. Pizza is provided and each parent that attends, receives a free book for their child’s library. Parents love it. Kids love it. Camille and I love it!







So how can you be involved?

We challenge YOU to the “Be the Good” challenge!  Go out and perform some act of service. Take a picture how you are choosing to be the good and put it on your social media, using the hashtags #BeTheGood #JaneCares and #CentsofStyle. When you post your picture, make sure to challenge 1-5 friends to join the “Be the Good” movement too! They have 24 hours to be the good in the world and share it! Go to to see all of the great stuff going on, because there are a lot of people joining in!

Oh, and see the fun tees by Cents of Style we’re wearing here? Profits from the sales from these shirts will be donated to Girls, Inc. You can find these at

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