My Favorite Babies 1st Year Memories…

I’m not sure if you know this, but I am on a couple local TV stations her in Salt Lake City, such as… Fresh Living (channel 2, 1-1:30p) and Good Things Utah (channel 4, 10-11a) 2-3 times per month.  I am their “Mommy Blogger.”  It’s a blast!  I do everything from cooking, crafts, sponsoring local companies, memories, etc.  Really anything that has to do with kids, moms and families.

You won’t be able to catch me in December because I’m too busy with family stuff, but I’ll kick start my segments again come January 2013.  click here to watch some of my featured segments.  I absolutely love doing TV segments!

Recently I did a segment on Fresh Living describing my top 6 favorite things to do the 1st year of your babies life…

1.  Professional Hand and Foot Casting: 
There is nothing like being able to look back on how small you babies hands and feet were
when they were newborns.  I found a lady by the name of  Lynne Widdison who is a professional at casting 3D hands and feet.  She is AMAZING and has been doing this for years.  She is so fun and makes the experience fun.  Trust me, you don’t want to do this by yourself.  My husband and I got a kit for a present and tried it, but we were not successful.  So I found Lynne and I’m grateful I did.

Click here to view Lynne’s website, and to schedule an appointment.

 2.  Baby Book:
In my opinion a baby book is a MUST.  Not only will you write down your babies 1st year memories through 1st grade, your children will look back on that book 10, 15, 20, 30 years from now and see what they accomplished, their growth and fun memories.  I still to this day look at the baby book my Mom created for my brother and I.  It warms my heart!  I also compare my growth rate to Crew’s growth.  So fun…

3.  Quarterly Footprints (4 month, 8 month and 12 month):
I saw this idea on Pinterest.  All you need is…

– a 11×14 canvas ( you can go smaller or bigger)
– some paint ( I used basic art paint),
– a foam disposable paint brush
– and a little foot.

You will first paint the canvas the color you desire.  Let it dry over night.  The next day paint you babies foot with a different color and stamp it on the canvas.  Then beneath the foot print, take a sharpie pen and right the age.  You can also right the date.  I kept my simple, but you can use scrapbook paper and spell out “Look at (child’s name) grow!”  You can wrap the canvas with ribbon matching the nursery.  Skies the limit!

4.  Pictures Every Month For the First Year:
I was SO glad I did this!  I will admit after the first 4 months of pictures I kept asking myself if I should continue getting monthly pictures.  I’m glad I stuck it out and stayed consistent.  I have some fun pictures and memories that will last a life time.   You can choose to do them yourself or go to a professional photographer.  We went to a professional because I knew once my son was old enough to move around, I would have no control.

5.  Decor For Baby’s Room:
My dear friend Lori made this room decor for me before I had Crew.  It’s one of my favorite pieces because I can switch the scrapbook paper and pictures whenever I want.  It’s an old door Lori sanded down, painted and placed scrapbook paper on.  Easy, right?!

6.  Personalized Memory Game:
I didn’t get to show this fun idea on Fresh Living today due to time, but I LOVE this!!

Now that my little man is 14-months-old he is really into pictures, books, flash cards, etc.  So I came across a fun idea on Pinterest I just HAD to share… Making a personalized memory game.  We all remember the game memory.  Well, why not make it with member of your family, pictures of your child’s favorite things, colors, shapes and the list goes on.

I made mine with pictures of family members, and I backed it with star scrapbook paper because Crew LOVES stars!  He loves it and it lets him see family he doesn’t get to see all the time, and reminds him of fun times.

This is what I did the first year of my son’s life.  What did you do the first year of you babies life?  What do you continue to do?  Thanks for reading!

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  • Melissa

    I love all of these ideas!
    My husband is a dentist and for Valentines day he made me a cast of his hand that he made from composite filling! I told him he should start making baby ones as a side business, who knew it really was a thing! 🙂ReplyCancel


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