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Meal Planning has always been a struggle for me. Before I had kids it was pretty easy to decide what we wanted for dinner, but with children things became stickier. Literally. My eldest was born with some pretty strong food sensitivities to the point of throwing up and as he has gotten older his influence has trickled down to my younger children as well. Thankfully I have found some tactics that have helped me combat this struggle and Nutrimom really helped me to identify things that would work well for me and my family. Family Culture Night Mexico - Image #1 I think because of this struggle I got out of the habit of planning my meals and panicked in frustration as 4:40 neared and I still didn’t have a clear plan for dinner. Nutrimom is a program that offers Personal Coaching that helps you identify areas that you would like to improve in. It is also made specifically for helping mothers provide the best nutrition possible to a baby in their first 1000 days of life. These areas include Healthy Taste Development,Managing Stress, SleepNutritionHydrationSupplements, Exercise, and meal planning. This is a follow up post from my original post introducing Nutrimom, you can read more here. I will do a recap of what my goals are in case you missed the first.

  1. Drink more water. I have high hopes of drinking 8+ glasses of water a day.

  2. Walk 10,000 steps a day.

  3. Plan family meals ahead of time and include my children in the process.

These goals are all important to me and I wanted to make specific, measurable goals but try to make them to be not too overwhelming. We want achievable right? I also want to pay specific attention to my health because we are hoping to get pregnant with baby #4 soon! So exciting! So how am I doing? Drinking: I am doing so so on my drinking water. One thing that helps me is to have water on hand at all times. I find that too often I just don’t have it within reach and I simply forget to drink enough. Still working on this one. I know that water is so important for skin and overall health so I really want to make this a priority. **An idea that my coach Annie gave me was to buy small jelly bracelets or rubber bands to wear on my wrist representing glasses of water that I move from one wrist to the other as I drink my glasses of water through out the day. Walking: My walking has been pretty good! Most days I get to at least 6,000 but I have to make an extra effort to really get to the 10,000. I track my steps with my FitBit and I have found if I have my FitBit on I am much better at reaching my goal. If my battery dies I can go three days before getting on target again. I am starting to run more which has been a really fun adventure for me, you can find my current favorite running list HERE. **One way I’ve found works best for me is if I make the kids part of my plan. Whether I decide it is a day to go to the park, walk to school, or take a hike I try to think of ways I can make it a fun part of our day. If I haven’t been able to do this I have even gotten my steps on a treadmill while talking on a conference call! Not ideal, but it was crazy how many steps I got in on a call! hiking with kids Meals: This area is one that I really wanted to put a lot of effort into and involving my oldest and been key in making this a reality. We talk a lot about food groups and why it is important to include sources of protein, vegetables, fruits, and grains into every meal. I created this printable so that you could plan your meals with/for your family and make it a team effort! DOWNLOAD YOUR OWN TO PRINT HERE. **Some of the things that have worked well for my family is to serve different options in the meal “family style” and have each person serve out themselves the portion they would like to eat. Another thing that has been helpful is to let each child pick a dinner idea for one night of the week. Food Group Menu Planning What is Nutrimom? With the complete Nutrimom program, you’ll get one-on-one sessions with your personal Nutrimom Coach, ongoing messaging with our team of Early Life Nutrition experts, master classes, group coaching sessions on topics from lactation to physical activity, and help with setting and tracking goals. Research in the emerging science of Early Life Nutrition suggests that the majority of your baby’s lifelong wellness can be positively shaped by the nutrition and environment you provide during those first 1,000 days of development from your first day of pregnancy to age 2. The program supports this mission by offering moms and moms-to-be trustworthy nutrition and wellness support via a desktop or mobile experience. family meals, nutrimom, healthy eating Nutrimom also has their own line of products that can be used in achieving your goals! nutrimom products, baby formula, happy baby organics I am loving the accountability and camaraderie of having a personal coach through Nutrimom. She is never judgmental, only encouraging and very informative. It is like having a dietitian as a friend that wants to help you achieve the best you for you and your family. I can’t wait to tell you what happens next! I am planning to do a round up of my favorite meals and a printable for your little one to take along to the store with you! camille walker,

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