Life as an Entrepreneurs’ Wife


Yesterday, our company hosted our annual Christmas movie for our clients. I was quite overwhelmed as I watched three movie theaters fill up with our guests. I remember when we bought the company over ten years ago, having no idea what it meant to own such business. We have grown with our company – which is a good thing because owning a business is so demanding mentally, physically, emotionally and even spiritually. There are actually no words, to adequately express the life of an entrepreneur. It’s exhausting, seldom feels very stable, all consuming and intense.

Somehow, we’ve made it through the crazy economy, and continue to build – thanks to a team of amazing people that support our vision each day. Together, we are creating a future where we can work hard, create jobs, and serve each other. If I let myself think of how many families depend on Jon and I holding it together, so they can support their families – it can be terrifying, actually. If you think roughly 1,000 people times 5… easily 5,000 people depend on the pay check they earn with us.

As I think about this, and realize that so many times it could have all fallen apart, or we could have given up – well, you get the point. We were basically a little nut, like in the picture above. We held our ground and we still fight for it every day. RBM is such a huge part of who we are. We talk about it, strategize, plan and execute.  Jon is the one on the front lines and I am behind the scenes – holding the family together and brainstorming about solutions to problems. We believe we can make a difference, so together we try.

Don’t give up. Never give in. You are capable of turning your dream – whatever it may be – into a big oak tree. There will be people that tell you NO and there will always be comments made, and usually they are from well meaning loved ones that tell you that you can’t. Don’t listen. Surround yourself with believers, dreamers and doers. Become friends with people that say you CAN and you are CAPABLE.

Because you are.

And there will be a day that comes when YOU are the motivation for someone else.

written by: Janae

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