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Do you ever look at your kids and wonder where the time went? I do.

Yesterday I was spending time with my brother, Dave, and as we looked through many houses to possibly buy. He leaned over to me and said, “Janae, do you realize you are the mother of a kindergartner, and a Grandma at the same time ?!” and laughed…. again. Of course I realize it, but they are two titles I never expected to hold, simultaneously. Where DID the time go?

Sydney is living in California with her sweet hubby and darling baby, Emma. Kinley is finishing up her first year at college and is the same age I was when I was dating her father! Estavan, her boyfriend, is planning to go on an LDS mission at the first of July. Whitney is starting her senior year, Brighton is starting her last year of junior high, Ella is almost twelve, Halle is the oldest eight year old I’ve ever met, and Jordan – Mr. Handsome – he is a little boy. He is no longer the little toddler he was when we adopted him.


And where does that leave me? I’m very busy – no surprise there, right? Everyday I wake up at six-ish, without an alarm clock! How did that happen? Why do old people get up so early, even when they need to sleep? I think it’s because there is so much to do – at least it is for me. I get my kids ready for school – well, more like I monitor them getting ready as I am getting ready myself. This is never easy… but we figure it out. I drive them to school most days, and then drive straight to work. Usually this is sitting at my desk in my office, but sometimes I am out and about meeting people and planning my next plan of attack.

Right now, I’m working on a blogger tribe – powered by We are having so much fun with the possibilities! I love our website – it is such an amazing tool for business. If you have any group of people that you are trying to communicate with on a private platform – that is tons of fun – this new tool is outstanding! We have had loads of family tribes start, business tribes (like Sundance, Utah Jazz, the Osmonds, and many more), hobby tribes… the list goes on and on!

I feel blessed to work on something I love so much. I am bracing for the summer, honestly. I LOVE having the kids home and playing with them. I love watching them be free and playing in the sun. I love reading stories under the stars and eating s’mores at the cabin. I have never, however, tried to work at a job while the kids are out of school. Luckily, I have an amazing boss man/friend that knows I’ll work really hard from home some days – and other days in the office, doing what needs to be done.

Jon has been traveling a lot more for work, as we expand into the Las Vegas and Idaho markets, for our building maintenance company. I’ve traveled a bit myself, as I’ve started speaking to groups of people about the protective factors, Help Me Grow (a system to connect families to resources), training on the community cafe and the Parent Advisory Council. It only happens every once in awhile – but so much has happened over the past year that I never planned on.

It’s funny how we – mothers – keep moving down our path, setting one foot in front of the other, and while we are trying to figure out our direction, we are already moving there. Small decisions are actually big ones. Each step is actually part of a mega marathon. I often as myself how I’m running my race. It’s crazy how often I find out my gas tank in my car, and my mind, is almost empty. A lot of times I’m running on fumes, and it isn’t until I remind myself that prayer is the gas – and I haven’t refueled – that get centered again. I’m stubborn, and I try to do too much on my own. When I pray a lot, things just seem to fall into place, and I’m more balanced.

There are lots of other things that help me to stay focused and balanced, but prayer is at the top of my list. I also love exercise, getting out in nature, music, and of course spending time with my family. What things do you do? How do you stay on top of your responsibilities? What activities help you stay calm and embrace the mom that you are?

I’d love to hear.




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  • Tim

    Great work Janae, you are a true leaderReplyCancel

    • Thanks Tim, I always feel like I’m talking to space when I write on the blog 🙂 It doesn’t feel real somehow. I hope you’re doing well! I just went the the training of the trainers on protective factors – and I LOVEd hearing your radio voice on the parent experience part of the training. It made me smile so big… thanks for being you!ReplyCancel


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