Ideas on Teaching your Children the True Meaning of Christmas

Christmas time is soooo busy. I absolutely love the fresh fallen snow, the music, the family gatherings, and food. It really is the most magical time of the year. But what makes this time of year so precious to me above any other time is the fact that we get to focus on giving and Jesus. I must admit that I can get swept away by the appeal of a black Friday sale, the hustle  and bustle, and at times lose sight of what matters most. I hope that these ideas of teaching your children the true meaning of Christmas will give you some inspiration on how you can include Him in your celebrations. Because the deepest and longest lasting joy comes from the love our Heavenly Father and his son who love us so very much.


These are not earth shattering ideas by any means, but more of a guide of ways you could include Him in your day to day thoughts and service rendered to others. I partnered with in the #ShareTheLight campaign to share with  you their initiative of ways you can reach out to others through small and simple acts during the month of December. Whether you are hoping to find ways to serve in your community, deepen your relationship with our Heavenly Father, or fill your life with more Christmas cheer this is the guide for you. Each day has a theme and three ideas of how you could honor that day of sharing the light within you to honor Him. The thing that I love most about this message is that it is in the small and simple things that we can do as individuals each day that bring about such a drastic and wonderful change when we join our efforts.

You can choose to do one or many, it is up to you. I think a good way to incorporate this idea would be to print off a copy that you could see daily as inspiration for connecting to the true meaning of Christmas for you.

Click here to download the Light the World advent calendar: 25 Ways in 25 Days 

I wanted to focus on Day 11: Jesus Ministered To Children and So Can You

Here are the sample ideas that are given for that day.


  • Here is the official video for this campaign. It is absolutely beautiful. I hope you take the time to watch it and share it with your loved ones.



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