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People often make sweet comments on clothes I buy for my family.  Some of my friends say that I shouldn’t divulge where I picked them up, but I find shopping fun!  I love to make it a game, share my finds, and see what combinations my family of girls come up with.  Quite often, any given outfit will have something we bought at a thrift store – matched with some kind of trendy piece clothing, and a favorite accessory.  It makes for a fun style, to have something that nobody else can go buy.

The great part is, that we all can go thrift shopping!  It just takes a little patience, and practice. That’s why I decided to share a few tips and tricks on how to have a successful trip to the thrift store.  We can all save a little money, and make it lots of fun!

 So, let me list my do’s when making that first adventure to the thrift store.  I can’t say that everything you will see there, will be pretty.  Heaven knows I would never buy used lingerie, or the blood covered scrubs I once found.  If anything, we always get a good laugh and come out smelling like old people.

1.  Go in with a plan.  Know ahead of time what you may need.  I can’t say that I always do this, but I am always checking on pinterest for my next “wants” and things to keep my eye open for.

2. BeYOUtiful.  Remember,  be yourself – everyone else is taken.  It is a little intimidating trying something new at first, but if you find something you love, hold your head high!  Smile, and your confidence will be the beginning of a new trend!

3. Know what colors look good on your skin tone.  I am often drawn to mustard yellows, or burnt oranges – but they never look good on me.  They wash me out, and make me look sick.  If I just can’t help myself, and I just have to have something in the wrong color, I put a scarf around my face that brings out the the color in my cheeks and is more flattering.

4. Make it fun!  Treat your outing to the thrift store like a scavenger hunt!  Pull out all different types of clothes, and hold them up.  Take silly pictures, try them on in the isle!  Some of my favorite memories with my girls, have been to Savers. My kids LOVE it just as much as going to a movie (or more) You never know who will come out with five outfits, and who will get nothing.  That is just how it is at thrift stores.

5. Remember to stock pile things that you may not need right now, but that will be perfect for next spring etc.  I often buy clothes for my sister’s kids, if I find something for two dollars that I just can’t pass up!  I have also found lots of fun dishes, or random treats that make a darling addition to a gift.

6. Try it on.  I wish I was better at this, sometimes we get in too big of a hurry.  But, I believe it is worth it!  I hate returning things.  I have been known to wear pants around for six months from Old Navy that still had the beeper on the pant leg, because I just didn’t want to go back.  Eventually, I smashed it off with a hammer and left a hole.

7. Find ways to re-purpose.  Sometimes you can find fun retro fabric, or a dress that can be updated by changing the length or layering.  Sheets make good curtain liners, and fun dishes make great additions to your kids play kitchen.

8. Look for quality brands.  I am always shocked what I find at the thrift store.  I once found a jacket from Anthropologie, that was for sale just a few months previous that I had been loving in their magazine.  One time I found some Indian vintage moccasins, that I held in the corner for 10 minutes, because they were the wrong size and I knew I had to give them to my cousin Mandy who was there with me, and would no doubt love them until the day she died.  Banana Republic, J Crew, Gap and  more – are all throughout the thrift store.  Some trips  you get luckier than others.

9. Remember to be open minded.  Going to a thrift store isn’t like walking into Nordstroms with everything laid out perfectly, and smelling pretty.  No matching jewelry hanging by the checkout, or trendy clothes in every color.  You will see a mishmash of craziness at the thrift store.  It is a challenge, and oh so fun!

10. I wouldn’t be as excited about thrift stores if everything I bought was from Savers.  I do enjoy a more expensive pair of jeans, great boots, following trends, and a nice fitting dress.  The fun comes in mixing the old with the new and teaching your kids that it doesn’t have to be name brand, to be amazing.  It makes trends more creative, and unique – and nice basic staple clothing make the old more alive. Watch for sales, thrift stores have sales on their already cheap clothing up to 75%.

 Most importantly, bring someone you love with you to the thrift store.  That way when you pick up a sequin covered velvet jacket with shoulder pads, your friend can kindly tell you that you are up in the night.  Listen to your friend.  They love you.

Oh, and isn’t my Halle Bug just to die for!? It always makes me laugh that her initials spell H.A.M.

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  • Sarah B.

    Gorgeous outfits! I would have never guessed they came from a thrift store. I found an awesome resale boutique where I live and snagged some like new jeans for $5 and like new polos for the hubby for $3 a piece. I felt quite proud of myself to get the clothing we needed and save a lot of $$ at the same time! P.s. I would love to win some pearls!ReplyCancel

  • I swear, if I ever need a “pick me up” I could look at Halle’s pictures and immediately smile. She is SOOOOOO cute! Great finds, great pics! 🙂 I love thrifting, but I never seem to get as lucky as everyone else out in blogland! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Trish A

    I just may have to find a Savers! Those were some great finds;) your little Bug reminds me a little of you;) so cute!
    BTW, enjoying this new blog!ReplyCancel

  • Jamie

    What a fun post, I love thrifting! If pearls wouldn’t be the perfect piece to pair with a thrift store outfit, I don’t know what would!!ReplyCancel

  • Jamie

    Also liked you on facebook!ReplyCancel

  • Shae

    I’m thinking a trip to Saver’s for some “real” shopping might just be in my future! I generally just go there when I am needing some “costume” type clothing. lol Thanks for the give away!ReplyCancel

  • Sherri

    Who knew Savers could be so fun! Well done!ReplyCancel

  • Shannon

    Love thrift store shopping!!ReplyCancel

  • Nicole

    Such cute “new” school outfits! And you’re girls are so cute too! I love shopping at the thrift store! Unique items and cheap name brands – I have even found new stuff with the tags still on.ReplyCancel

  • Camille Walker

    Great post! I love the pictures of Halle. She is such a cute HAM! Awesome tips.ReplyCancel

  • Amy M

    Sometimes when a popular trend is so popular that it is hard to find staple items in my kind of fit, a thrift store is the easiest place to go! Trouser jeans, the right length of blazer, or cardigans!ReplyCancel

  • I extra like the tip of going with a plan. I usually avoid going because I tend to pick up things that might (but usually don’t) work in the future and then have a house full of junk.ReplyCancel

  • Sarah! Great deals, and good luck with the pearls 🙂

    Christina, I agree with you about Halle… she makes me laugh daily with her facial expressions!

    Trisha 🙂 thanks…she may have a bit of me in her..haha

    Jamie, I agree… I wear pearls with my thrift stuff all the time!

    Shae, I love that name by the way!! Savers is very fun at Halloween too!!

    Sherri, It is so fun! thanks!

    Shannon…glad I’m not the only one 🙂

    Nicole, I have found brand new stuff too…crazy!


    Amy, Isn’t that the truth? It’s like the radio when a new good song comes along, so everyone plays it a million times!

    Stephanie, I had to throw that tip in for myself as well 🙂 I get distracted too!ReplyCancel

  • Donnalynn MacArthur

    Girlfriend, I am a thrift / consighnment store junkie! I know when to hit weekly sales, last of the month mark downs and first of the month dollar days! …. I know how to get a bigger deal on a deal! Helpful hints, be picky, look for quality, and only purshase if you love it, not just beacause it’s cheep.
    Sisters are the best! Love your new blog!ReplyCancel

  • Michelle Moon

    Awesome ideas…I love the thrift store! Now I have an immense desire to hit up the DI. I always remember finding quality brands thrift shopping in college! It’s great with little kiddos too…great pictures too!ReplyCancel

  • Hi. I’m Stephanie and I’m a thrift store addict. 🙂

    I LOVE the look on peoples’ faces when they compliment me on my outfit and ask me where I got it and I name the local thrift store.

    And you’re absolutely right, ALWAYS take a friend.ReplyCancel

  • Becky Proctor

    I need to be more patient with thrift shopping! Thanks for the tips!ReplyCancel

  • Cassia

    So clever!! And I love all the pics of your cute girls!!ReplyCancel


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