25 Healthy Lunch box ideas

25 healthy lunch box ideas My son celebrated his 100th day of school last week. 100 days!? Wow, this school year is flying by! I’m sure most of you are like me and have fallen into a routine that is getting you through the days, but if you’re like me you’ve also fallen into a lunch box rut. Am I alone? Well, I thought I would I post some lunch box inspiration to help you think out of the peanut butter sandwich box and get those lunch making brain waves flowing. I rounded up some of my favorites, and here they are.

At the beginning of the year I posted about things to pack in a thermos. We love our thermos! Check out that page to find out how to pack your lunch with one. Here are some things we have added to our handy, dandy thermos.

Corn on the cob, pita sandwich, yogurt, watermelon.



Leftover Hawaiian haystacks with toppings, strawberries, and banana. Any leftovers would work.

lunchboxSoup, rosemary bread slices, strawberries, and carrots.



Smoothie, sandwich, grapes, and carrots.


Chicken nuggets, cucumbers, bell pepper, raspberries, and a pear.

Here’s a tip: if you send a whole pear in a lunch box wrap it in napkins or else it will be a bruised mess when lunch time comes around.


Sandwich, edamame, apples, and salad.

lunch box ideas

Tortilla roll ups (click here for directions), bell peppers, watermelon, and applesauce.lunchbox

Okay, so this lunch has a peanut butter sandwich, but there is nothing wrong with a peanut butter sandwich, especially if it is what your kids ask for. I rarely send treats in my son’s lunch box, but when I do send them they are extra awesome.


 Quesadillas, fruit salad, and gogurt.


Homemade lunchable, watermelon, celery, and pistachios.


Sandwich, orange, pistachios, grapes, and coconut.

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Sandwich kabobs (my son’s favorite!), fruit cup, apple, and carrots.

school lunch, cold lunch ideas, sack lunch

Peanut butter sushi (click here for directions)

school lunch

Salad with bell pepper, carrots, and almonds, gogurt, strawberries, and celery with peanut butter and raisins.

school lunch, healthy kid lunches, lunch box ideas

Sandwich kabobs (you could add any of your favorite sandwich toppings to this: pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, etc), celery and carrots, and cantaloupe.

school lunch, healthy lunch box

Sandwich, gogurt, mini plums, cucumbers, celery, and coconut.school lunch, healthy lunch, lunch box ideas

Homemade Pizza Lunchableshomemade pizza lunchables, lunch box ideas, school lunch, cold lunch, whats for lunch, healthy lunch box,

Here are a few more awesome lunch ideas I found around the web.

Sandwich on a sticksandwich on a stick


Submarine lunch

lunch box ideas submarine


Mexican pasta salad



Salmon Salad with crackers

lunch box Salmon Salad with Crackers




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