How to shoot in the BRIGHT sun part II

Good morning (ish) MMS friends.  I’m so excited to finally finish up the second part of this post, so if you didn’t get a chance to read Part 1 (with directions on how to make your simple DIY Sun Diffuser) you can do so by clicking here.


The gist of it:  Taking photos in direct sunlight can really be some of the trickiest lighting to work with. In part one, I give you some advice on little things you can do whether you have just your camera on your phone or a dslr, but best of all, I gave you a simple DIY sun diffuser, which I will show you how to utilize here now.

Honestly, the key is just using this amazing and super CHEAP contraption to create your own shade on a bright day.  You won’t blow out your highlights which is muy importante (and no, I’m not talking about hair 🙂 -the brightest spots of your image, and you’ll still get the creamy soft skin tones people gush over!

So, when you are ready to take a photo (even if you’re not going for “professional”) look for the shade; a building a tree, or your very own DIY Sun Shade!  Sometimes the best locations lack the best lighting; this is just one way to make it happen.  I’ll certainly share more tips and tricks as we go along; there’s only about a million. 🙂

remember to check out part one here:

Part one, how to make your simple sun shade, diffuser


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  • Darah

    I agree. Although I would like to add that if you look for shade from a tree: do it under a very dense, leafy tree so your subject doesn’t look like it has leopard spots! 😉ReplyCancel

    • Cassia Denton

      That’s exactly right! Thanks for your comment!!ReplyCancel

  • Why didn’t you tell me this 5 years ago! PHOENIX IS SO HARD to shoot even halfway decent pics in! Thanks 😉ReplyCancel

  • Gary Gromer

    Another great way to make shade for portraits is to use a cheap lightand, umbrella holder, and umbrella. They’re used for speedlights and mono lights but with just the stand, umbrerlla holder and umbrella they work great. Have the person faceing the sun. Lightstand and umbrella between them and the sun with the shaft of the umbrella pointing at the persons eyes. Makes beautiful portraits.ReplyCancel


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