Harry Potter Robe Pattern

Create your own little wizard with this Harry Potter Robe Pattern. This 4 step tutorial is easy to follow, minimal sewing and it’s made from a t-shirt!

Little girl wearing Harry Potter Robe Costume.

Harry Potter Robe Pattern

Creating such an imaginative and immersive world, Harry Potter is sure to stand the test of time. I have been a fan of Harry Potter since I first read the books when I was twelve years old. My love of Harry Hotter has passed down to my kids and I love how much it encourages them to read.

Halloween came around and I really thought it would be fun to dress up my kids as characters from Harry Potter. There are so many pieces to the Harry Potter costume and I wanted it to look authentic, but also not break the bank.

I decided to buy them official looking Hogwarts scarves and ties but I did NOT want to spend $20+ dollars on each robe. I even went to the fabric store and almost had the fabric all cut when I realized that it was just too much money to justify a Halloween costume…even though I wanted to BADLY. Lucky for me I stumbled across an idea to use a t-shirt as a robe.

Four Easy Steps to Make This Harry Potter Robe:

For all of my DIY-ers out there, you will love how easy and simple it is to create these Harry Potter Robes. Follow this easy guide and you can easily make these in a day. I find once I get my sewing machine out and ready, it’s easy to just stitch up one after the next.

No need to be a pro, this robe is very forgiving because it’s black and you do not need to mess with the length of the sleeves or shirt.

4 Steps Black Shirt being made into Harry Potter Robe.

Supplies You Will Need for Harry Potter Robe:

  • Black T-shirt
  • Black thread
  • scissors
  • pins (if you prefer)
  • 1 Black button

Sizes of T-Shirt to Buy:

I found these plain black shirts at JoAnn Fabrics and they only costed me $3 per shirt. I’m going to share what sizes I purchased for my kids to make these robes. When in doubt, go by the length of the shirt. Here’s what I bought for my kids:

  • Tall 6 year old: XXL
  • Tall 3 year old a: Large
  • My 11 month old baby: Youth Small

Harry Potter Robe Step 1: Wash and Position

First, you need to wash the shirt because they tend to shrink.

Next, position the shirt by turning it inside out and lay it down with the front side of the shirt on top facing you.

Harry Potter Robe Step 2: The Cutting

Cut a steep triangle shape just like the picture to make the sleeves. I actually had my kids lie down on the t-shirt to get a better idea of where to cut the the sleeves. Looser is better with this cut, you don’t want it to be tight. Mark where you want to cut with a marker or crayon, then cut.

Quick Tip: Leave the very tip of the sleeve attached so that the two sides of the sleeve don’t separate entirely while cutting. This will make it easier for you to sew up the sides on the next step. I made the mistake and cut all the way.

Repeat on the other side. If you didn’t cut it all the way on the first side, take a piece of paper and make a pattern of the first cut you made to use on the other side. If you did cut it all the way, you can use the cut-out as a guide for the other side.

Black T-Shirt cutting out under arms Harry Potter Robe Pattern.

Harry Potter Robe Step 3: The Sewing

Cut a line in the center (lengthwise) right up the middle of the front of the robe. The t-shirt will naturally roll when cutting. I used this to my advantage and did not need to use pins for sewing.

Time for the sewing. It’s very basic sewing here. I used a tight zig-zag stitch to finish the arms and seam up the front. You will be sewing this inside out. Once you are done sewing, turn it right side out to see your robe almost complete.

Close up of the zigzag stitch of the black Harry Potter Robe.

Harry Potter Robe Step 4: The Button

Your last step is to sew on the button. You could also use velcro, but I loved the look of the big round button.

Quick Tip: If you’re a beginner sewer, or it’s been a while , try using the pieces that you cut out for the arms to do a few practice rounds of making a button hole with the sewing machine. (I needed the practice!)

Black Harry Potter Robe with button.

And there you have it! Quick and easy Harry Potter robes that your kids will love. You can also order the Gryffindor patch to put on the robe. Have fun!

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