Happy Future Father’s Day



Dear Son,

I know you are small, and mostly concerned with making noises as you push toy cars around the house, shooting spiders with your pretend gun, to protect your sisters, and riding your tricycle in countless circles without getting dizzy, but someday, you  will be a dad.  Believe it or not, you will grow up and drive a real car, actually fall in love with a GIRL and choose to be married.  You may be disturbed to learn that you won’t both be able to both fit in your car bed, and that may be an issue, but you will love her SO much, that you will give in and invest in a king size mattress, that she will decorate with pretty pillows and soft sheets.

Mostly, you will feel love and happiness, but some days, you will feel frustrated, tired, exhausted and trapped. You will wonder if life would have been more enjoyable alone, and more entertaining hanging out with “the guys”  instead of making commitment to family. You may feel the weight of the world each day, as you rise and get ready for work to support them. You just might be tempted to disengage, finding ways to cope with stress, that may not be healthy to you, or the people around you – who love you most. You may resent the fact that you can’t sleep whenever you want or that your wife expects you to help around the house, after a long stressful day of work.

As your mother, I’m here to remind you that it’s worth it.    I know you are capable of these things, because I’ve seen you grow and learn in your childhood. I’ve watched you smile, after you were hurt. I’ve heard you laugh when I knew you were sad, and I’ve seen you run when you only wanted to walk.  I’ve watched your tears fall when someone said something mean and held you tight until you felt secure again. I’ve snuggled you close and taken a nap by your side, and felt of your big soul in that little body. I know how fast your  little heart beats after a long day of playing in the dirt. You are strong, and you can do hard things.

When you feel overwhelmed and tired of your job, because maybe it isn’t all you thought it would be, put on your favorite costume and pretend to be superman, a fire fighter or policeman, again – and go save the day!  You may have to wear it under your work clothes, or possibly carry it in your briefcase – but remember, you can still be a HERO by treating co-workers around you with respect and having a good attitude.

When your kids want to jump on you after a long day at work, remember all the times you wrestled with  your dad, and the smile it always brought to your face. You really just needed alone time, in those big strong arms of his, and wrestling was the perfect way to get out all of that little boy wiggly energy, and be held. Hold your children and wrestle them, too. It will lighten your day and put a smile on your face.

When your wife is tired and worn out from sleepless nights and caring for your children, always remember to treat her like a princess.  Let her take a nap as you bake her food, like you always did for me – only don’t use the plastic kind that you got for Christmas, complete with cookies, hamburgers and fruit, use the REAL stuff.  She will be grateful that you took the time to appreciate her, and it will get you major brownie points. Believe me son, I speak the truth.

Always laugh.  Laugh as hard as you did when you use to tease me with the fake snakes and scary animal voices. A good sense of humor can get you through anything, and it’s much more enjoyable.  We can control some things in life, through careful planning and choices, but there will be times that  things get crazy, and all you can do, is laugh.  Don’t take yourself so seriously that you lose sight of this truth. We are meant to smile and have joy.

Remember to pray.  When everything is going right AND when all else fails, get down on your knees and give thanks.  Count your blessings and ask for strength.  Express your love and gratitude, and when you stand up, you will feel better. Hold your head high and walk in confidence, because a BOY that chooses to give everything for his family, is a MAN.

Happy Father’s Day, son.  I know you aren’t quite ready to read this letter yet, but someday you will be.  Your influence on family, will shape the way your son views what a dad can be, and how your daughter believes she should be treated by the man she chooses to marry. Never give up or give in.  Stay strong, and happy.  Heaven knows that I love your Dad, and my Dad. They have shaped who I am and taught me to love.  They are my best friends and support, and although I know they have both struggled with the stresses of this unexplainable world, they have chosen to keep going and sacrifice EVERYTHING they have, to be there for me.  What a blessing they are, and what a blessing you are to so many people, you don’t even know yet.

Happy future Father’s Day!







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