The Happy Dater’s Handbook: Dos and Don’ts for dating

The happy dater's handbook

Dating in all walks of life isn’t always a picnic. It takes guts, and oftentimes a little strategy. Whether you’re testing the waters, getting serious, dating your spouse, or starting anew, you might find some of these dating dos and don’ts extremely helpful.


1. Casual Dating

 Casual dating is defined as a time to test the waters and get to know exactly what you’re looking for in a serious relationship.


Do Experiment

If you’re serious about discovering what you’re interested in in a partner, you won’t limit your dating to one kind of person. We all have our type, but if you want to discover what attributes you really love in a person, you’ll date people from all walks of life.


Don’t Get Serious Too Soon

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in casual dating is to get serious too soon. You don’t want to scare the other person off before getting to know them.


Do Go Out Often

Make time to go out often with a variety of people, whether on individual dates, blind dates, or even to events where you can meet someone new.


Don’t Kiss and Tell

When you’re casually dating, don’t talk about the other people you’ve been dating. There’s nothing that will make your dates feel worse than telling them about all the other dates you’ve been on recently.


Casual Dating Tips and Ideas

Keep it fun and casual. Plan dates where you can get to know the other person.


Do: Go bowling, hiking, golfing, to local music events, sightseeing, window shopping. Check out this fun list of active date ideas.

Don’t: Do dinner and a movie, cook dinner, go bar hopping, have group dates



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2. Dating to Find a Spouse

When you enter the serious dating realm, your focus needs to be on committing to that person. Each date should reflect that.


Do Stay True to Yourself

It’s easy to lose yourself in a relationship if you’re not careful. Stay true to who you are and don’t shrink under their influence. You’ll want to be yourself in all circumstances.


Don’t Hide Problems

If you feel any kind of discomfort with the relationship, share it with your partner. It’s important to get all problems out in the open where they can be resolved.


Do Make Your Intentions Clear

If the timing is right and you’re serious about the relationship, make your intentions clear. You don’t need to tell the person that you plan on marrying them, but let them know that you’re serious and committed.


Don’t “Hang Out”

Instead of hanging out on your couch, go out on dates. Hanging out is indicative of casual dating and may give your partner the wrong idea about your intentions. You don’t want to accidentally “friend zone” the person you want to be involved with.


Dating Tips and Ideas for finding a spouse

Think romance for these dates. You want to kindle the fire and keep it alive.


Do: Go dancing, out for romantic dinners, on long walks, cuddle at the movies

Don’t: Get casual, hang out, get drunk, see other people


3. Dating Your Spouse

It can be hard sometimes to keep the romance in the marriage strong. Dating is the solution to that.


Do Dress Up and Flirt

For any night out you get, make it special. Dress up like you used to, hold hands, kiss, and cuddle. Use this night out to come closer together.


Don’t Talk About the Kids

Use your dates as an opportunity to talk about your relationship, not your kids. There will be plenty of time to talk about your kids outside this date. You need to use this time to grow your relationship as a couple.


Do Take Weekend Getaways

Sometimes a simple date night isn’t enough. Going on a romantic weekend getaway every now and then is important for your relationship. It allows you time alone where you can enjoy each other’s company without distractions.


Don’t Let Other Things Get in the Way

Mark your date nights on the calendar and don’t let anything short of an emergency get in the way. Dating is a sacred time for your marriage, and letting trivial things get in the way can damage the romance.

Dating Your Spouse Tips and Ideas

Do: Go away for a weekend, plan surprise nights out, bring home flowers and treats

Don’t: Have all date nights at home (but if you have to stay home here are some great date ideas), go out too often with other couples, get too busy for romance

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4. Dating After Divorce

Just because one marriage didn’t work out doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find happiness. Take these tips into consideration as you get back in the game. These ideas and more came from this great article about dating after divorce.


Do Take Your Time

Even if the divorce was mutual, a grieving process afterwards is appropriate. Make sure you’re confident in yourself before you dive into another relationship.


Don’t Make It Awkward

If you feel awkward, your date will too. Just act naturally, and be confident in who you are. When you’re confident, your date will be a success.


Do Know Yourself

Before you date other people, date yourself. Get to know who you are, what you love, and what you hate. Getting to know yourself will give you the confidence to date successfully.


Don’t Turn Away from Support

In order to make it through this troubled time, you’ll need your support group. It’ll be a difficult time for you, and your friends and family can help you out.


Dating After Divorce Tips and Ideas

Do: Go on dates where you can feel relaxed and talk easily.

Do: Go out to dinner, practice casual dating, hang out with others, get yourself out there

Don’t: Stay home and mope, get too serious too quick, go to the movies





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