3 Books that will Change your Life for the Better + a Giveaway!

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We all just got home from attending an amazing blog conference “Build Your Blog” and it is one of my favorite conferences of the year because it marks a new beginning for us as a blog because it runs pretty close to the anniversary of us starting My Mommy Style. We talk so much about the things that inspire us as well as sharing the things that mean the very most to us. That is why I want to share these three amazing books with you.

Often I am asked how I can “Do it all” being a stay at home mom as well as maintaining the ability to blog. I will be the first to tell you that I cannot do it ALL, no one can. But it got me to thinking about the things that help me get the things done that matter to me most. In the last couple of months I have incorporated these three books into my day to day life and they have changed my life! I was able to read “Living Well, Spending Less 12 Secrets of the Good Life” on my flight to New Orleans. I knew I was going to have a few hours of uninterrupted time on the plane and I took advantage of it! I could write a whole post on this book alone, but here are some of the highlights.

*Write goals for yourself in each area of your life

*declutter your home one closet/drawer at a time and you will find your life feels a lot less cluttered and ultimately your mind

*Find an accountability partner to attain your goals

This was my absolute favorite quote from Ruth’s book

“You may not know what your sweet spot is yet, and you may be worried that you aren’t good enough or you aren’t smart or organized or talented enough, but I dare bet that you are.”

Her words were so encouraging and spot on with what we need to hear for ourselves to move forward and make those positive changes we are seeking in our lives.

These are the goals that I came up with while reading this book:

I want to connect with my Heavenly Father on a more personal level every day: Family and Personal Prayer/study

I want to value time spent with my husband and children

I want to take time to find a specific purpose and message for my blog to share with others, reaching out and serving more

Family Dinner time

Find an accountability partner

Since reading this book and writing these goals down I have had people and plans of action that are bringing this goal into my reality…I can’t wait to share more of this with you, especially when talking about our message for this blog.

I then started using my new planner “Mothers Who Know” by Intheleafytreetops.com and I am iN LOVE with this planner. My brother teases me by saying the 1990’s called and they want their planner back, but hey, call me old fashioned. I love being able to write my plans down and connect my spirit to paper. This is no ordinary planner either there are pages to plan out birthday parties, meal planning, connecting with family members, Sunday School lessons, notes at church, Visiting teaching, financial planning, and more. If you are not LDS there is a “Mom on the Go” planner that is non-denominational that is packed with planning pages as well for activities, meals, goals, and more.

In the leafy treetops planner, Moms who know, My Mommy Style,

Here is a shot of my “month at a glance” I love their stickers that you can buy with the planner as well!

This will give you an idea of what you can find through the pages of this planner, there really is a spot for everything even marking off your daily scripture and prayer. They also have a version that is called “Mom on the Go” that is non-denominational as well that is amazing.

My Mommy Style, In the leafy Treetops

And then I was able to incorporate this book into my day to day life and it has been amazing. With having such small children reading a chapter of scripture a day together can be really hard. I am in love with this book, “52 Weeks to Fortify your Family,” from my friend and author, Nicole Carpenter. She makes sharing a spiritual thought and message with your family on a daily basis attainable and so very easy. Each week you will find a theme and and a scripture for each day of the week that improves upon that lesson. This has been one of my goals for a long time and this book takes the guess work out of it and really makes arming my child with a little more “moral armor” doable.

52 weeks to fortify your family, nicole carpenter, my mommy style

So now for the good part. In the Leafy Treetops only has ONE planner left just like this that they have saved for you and this giveaway!! Next year I promise I will get on this sooner! But, they do have more planners in other varieties that you can choose from as well. They also are giving you all free accessories with any order! This means you can get the stickers, note pads, pen holder, and bookmark for free with any purchase, just add them to your cart and use the code “Freebies2015” at checkout. So HURRy!!! These are selling out quickly! *This code is only good until February 28th and the giveaway will end this day as well.

Also, Nicole has graciously agreed to give away a copy of her book as well!

win this, mymommystyle

This will be an INSTAGRAM GIVEAWAY! So head to our instagram account HERE and enter to win!

I hope these books bring you as much direction and peace as they have for me. I will be sharing some of my meal planning, workout planning, and sanity “planning” tips very soon!

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