10 great apps to help you save time

10 great apps to save you time

Our days are jam packed with work, the kids’ activities, errands, meetings, watching the neighbor’s dog and somehow trying to find time to make it to the gym. While social networking sites and games can eat away your precious time, that smartphone in your hand can also make your life easier.


There are many apps available that will make your days go by more smoothly and relieve some stress. Many apps are available on both Apple iOS and Android, while others are strictly one operating system or another. There are also many apps that do the same function, so personal preference is a factor when choosing the app. Due to this, the following list of apps represents suggested categories rather than specific apps. After all, if an app is going to be helpful to you, it needs to meet your individual needs.


Grocery Shopping

Wouldn’t it be nice to go to the store and get everything you need for the week in that first trip? A grocery list app helps you to remember what you need to buy while eliminating the chance of forgetting your list at home! If you have a spouse or roommates, there are options that allow you to connect with others who have the app so you can see when the other buys a needed item or adds something to the list.


Search available apps for “grocery list app”.


Buying Gas

This will help you find the nearest and cheapest gas prices, saving you time, money, and gasoline since you will not have to drive around looking for the best deal.


Search available apps for “gasoline prices app”.


Meal Planning

These apps help to take the guesswork away from the nightly question “what’s for dinner?”. Many of these apps will not only give you meal recommendations, but also allow you to download recipes and some even create grocery shopping lists based on your outlined meal plan.


Search available apps for “meal planner with recipes” or “meal planner with grocery”.



Whether you use the calendar that comes installed on your phone or you choose to download another one, pick one and use it! This is a great way to keep track of appointments, events, and even set up reminders and due dates for important tasks.

Search available apps for “calendar”.

 male hand hold a phone with system clever house on the backgroun

Home Automation

A home automation app might make you feel like you live with the Jetson family. From your phone you can control the climate, lighting, TV, security system, and more. This technology can be set up by a professional and then you have complete control over your house, even when you are not there!


Research professional services available in your area.


Menstrual Cycle Tracker

When it comes to your cycle, you never want to be caught off guard. Simply put in your start and ending dates and as months go on, the app will become better and better at predicting the start date and length of your next period. Many apps even have reminders that will go off, alerting you to be prepared.


Search available apps for “menstrual cycle track”.


TV Remote

Connect your television remote to an app on your phone and you never have to find yourself digging through the couch cushions for the remote again. Connect to your DVD/Blu-Ray player too and control all your entertainment devices from your phone.


Search available apps for “tv remote control”.



Getting in your workout at home can you save you time and money but this can also become mundane. There are many different exercise apps available that can help walk you through different workouts. With so many types of exercises available (yoga, pilates, high intensity, cardio, strength) you are bound to find one you enjoy.


Search available apps for “personal trainer”.

 Man struggling with household finances

Bill Reminders

Never forget to pay a bill and get stuck with a late payment fee again. Once you input your bill information, the app will remind you when bills are coming due so you do not have to remember. Some of these apps will even allow you to connect to your bank account and it will alert you when funds are low (think overdraft fees).


Search available apps for “bills reminder”.


Avoid Traffic

Especially if you live in a city, you know how sitting in traffic can put a damper on your plans and on your day, in general. Find a traffic app that not only alerts you of heavy traffic and accidents but also promotes user submissions. This will get you the most up to date information as fellow commuters alert the app of accidents and other delays. (But please refrain from submitting information while driving.)


Search available apps for “traffic app”.


Make your phone work for you and put it to good use! With these apps and the option of many others, your day will become a little better and you will find yourself needing to exert a little less effort to be just as wonderful as you already are.

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