Front Street



Yesterday, we loaded up all three cars and drove to front street. Front street is a beautiful place in Maui where you can find food, shopping, a marina with all sorts of excursions and boats, and most importantly – the best shaved ice on the planet. Our favorite is called “break wall”. When we visited yesterday, the owner actually remembered us from last year! I guess it’s pretty hard to forget a huge family of girls.

I always feel bad for the unlucky customers that end up behind our monstrous clan. “We will have 15 (of whatever) please.” Sometimes they laugh, every once in awhile they give us dirty looks, and quite often, they leave. We had all three reactions yesterday. And then, it’s followed up with the obvious question…

“Where are you from?”
“Are you Mormon?”
“Well, of course we are.”

And if Jon is feeling entirely in a teasing mood, he let’s them know that we are polygamists – as well. Then he waits for their horrified reaction, and assures them that he is kidding. It could be quite confusing, looking at our family, with five ladies my height, some taller – and Syd with a baby. Ewww. No.

After we chose the shaved ice of our choice, (for me, it’s limeade) we slurped it down and started meandering through the stores. Did I mention that we had already eaten at bubu gumps shrimp? No, but we did, and we were full! It was so close to the water, every so often a wave would crash to shore and spray would mist our faces. We had also already visited the banyan tree, an amazing tree that spreads by the roots growing down from the branches and into the ground. This one in Hawaii is the biggest in the United States, covering a whole city block!

The first time I saw it, about fifteen years ago, I about died! There was a man there, that was quite drunk, lecturing on the history of the banyan tree. I was video recording him, and he was enjoying performing so much, that I couldn’t help myself but to keep asking him the same questions, over and over again. Jon thought I was crazy, but what was the harm when both of us were enjoying ourselves?

Anyway, we are our slushies, and started shopping. And people, when the Moss girls go shopping, We. Be. Shopping! Everyone sets out to get their perfect thing. For Brighton, it was a ukulele, for Ella it was a wind spinning device, for Halle – a smaller ukulele, for Jordan – a hippie van and Hawaiian tshirt/shorts set, for Whitney, Grandma Patti and Mandy, it was a swim cap made if darling plastic flowers, for Kinley, it was …? I missed it, and Syd…? I missed that too… My mom was enticed by some ageless facial cream, And for me, it was my favorite colored blue billibong hat. I drooled over some luggage that I may go back for. I also coveted sone beautiful paintings that I hope to buy for a Maui house, someday, and a clock that was huge and showed the innards ticking – around and around. Tick. tock. tick. tock.

Poor Jon tried to keep up with our shopping frenzied speed, with a sore back and in the humidity. He is always a trooper. It’s no wonder that he dreams of owning a man cave at some point in his life. I’m so happy he has Jordan and our son in law, Briant, now to even out the estrogen levels… Kind of.

Well, the kiddos are beginning to waken, and the beach is calling our name.


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