Snapshots from Maui









Beautiful, right? (Other than the guts swimsuit I bought, just to gross out my family!)

We had a day if relaxation yesterday, and although I’m not quite sure what we will do today – it’s sure to be great – even if we just sat and stared into the crystal blue ocean for twelve hours.

Do you know those moments when you feel as though the earth is shifting underneath you? You know things are about to change, forever, and you start bracing yourself? Yes, that’s how I feel.

When we return home from Maui in a week, I will begin a new phase of my life. My kids will go back to school, like every year, but this time I will be working outside of the home! Not only will I be starting a new job, it will actually be for someone else and not for a company I own. Jon and I are investors, but not the sole owners. This is exciting, and scary, and fun, and intense! I can’t quite give you all of the details yet, but let’s just say, I was given an offer that I couldn’t refuse! It was great enough, even, to leave behind my total freedom – working however I wanted, everyday, and melding my vision with someone else’s, while my kids are at school.

This is big! We’ve been in negotiations for two weeks now, and I signed papers on Friday, right before the Thanksgiving Point Gala, I was the “chair”of this year. BIG day. I’m so excited, I can barely stand it!

But first, it’s time to relax in Maui. So I lay in my bed, in an octagon room with windows all around, and stare into the vast, endless ocean. The palm trees are blowing in the breeze, and I’m surrounded by family – and I thank my Heavenly Father, for the blessing of being here.

As I said on all the time, “life is a beautiful ride”. Never easy, but always worth it.

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