Greetings from Maui

Greetings from Maui!

This post may be short, (because I’m blogging with my thumb on my phone) but worth it anyway (because it’s 5:30 am and it’s quiet). I usually don’t get up at this time on vacation, but the time difference between Maui and my house, is four hours! It’s 9:30 as my internal click goes, so here we are.

We have settled into our home away from home, and already begun making memories, that are sure to last a lifetime. We have two sets of grandparents with us, my cousin, Mandy, and of course – all of my six daughters, one son, and one son in law, and my first grand baby, Emma! Yes, we’ve all made it! It’s truly epic!

We barely missed the huge storm that hit Hawaii last week, thank goodness, because looking at the weather now, you’d never guess that this island was hit by a hurricane. Now the only hurricane threatening this beautiful place, is my family.

As I look around, I am filled with happiness. To be surrounded by everyone, it really makes this time in Hawaii, heavenly. Getting all 15 of us here, was definitely an adventure, all in its own! Just think… Just with the six kids in the home now, that’s 60 pair of underwear, around 18 swimsuits, and countless outfits. When we spent almost $1,000 on our first grocery trip for the week – the cashier couldn’t believe it – but really – that was only our stop. Feeding 15 people in Hawaii is expensive, especially when you need 15 bags of chocolate and coconut covered macadamia nuts.

We spent our first day sitting in the hot tub in the atrium in the house, swimming in the infinity pool, and playing on the beach just below. I’ve enjoyed watching all of my kids fall in love with their first niece. She IS pretty irresistible. Today, we will go to church, and enjoy just being together.

Family is really all that matters, and I feel so blessed to be with them all. Time flies, and in a matter of a few year – they all will be gone. In some ways, it will be nice. Having peace and quiet when I’d like to relax, only eating when I feel like it, no homework or fights, or messes to always clean up – but it will be different. I won’t have little bodies around to snuggle or tell stories to, or unexpected secrets whispered in my ear, but I will have grand kids. It’s just different.

I know that the children we are blessed with, come to us when they’re supposed to, and even in the order they are meant to come. They each teach us important lessons of patience and love. Really, as parents, we are just barely older than they are! We are learning as we go, so we have to give ourselves a break sometimes. I haven’t met a mother yet, that truly doesn’t want the best for her child.

Have a beautiful Sunday, my little ones are about to wake, and beg to get in the hot tub at 7:30 am! (Ps I am adding photos on Instagram @janae_mymommystyle)





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