Thoughtful and Easy Gift Ideas for Siblings

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Thoughtful and Easy gift ideas for siblings,, boy and girl, boy giving girl flower, giftgiving, gratitude, thoughfulness My oldest son’s birthday is coming up just around the corner…and we are in the middle of discussing all of the Lego party possibilities. We are pretty serious around here when it comes to birthdays. This year Jayne is old enough to help in picking out a present for his birthday and because I have three little people it is much easier to have her “present hunt” with me online. I came up with a short list of ideas that will make it a little easier to exchange gifts when making a trip to the store is a little tricky. (That also keeps it a surprise.) So here are some ideas I have come up with that are thoughtful and EASY. I love to instill giving with my children so as to (try) to promote service and thinking outward as best I can. Nothing is worse than going to a party and having your kid whining about how it is not their birthday party and blah blah blah. Trust me, I’ve been there! 🙂

1. Make a “coupon” book of service.

This is and will probably always be one of my very favorite gifts to give and receive. Examples of coupons could be: A back rub, making their bed, cleaning up their toys, taking on their weekly chore. You get the idea.

2. A handmade picture frame with a picture of them together in it.

My kids love having pictures of us in their own bedrooms. Sibling pictures can be so sweet and instill a sense of belonging to a “team” that is all their own.

3. A book with a note written inside.

This could go so many different ways depending on the age of the siblings. If you are looking for some book ideas you can look HERE and HERE for some amazing lists Melissa has put together.

4. Go to the dollar store and give your child $1-3 to find a gift that they think their sibling would enjoy.

Let them do the thinking and see what they come up with.

5. Make a video with a song, dance, or funny rap to share with the sibling on their special day.

I love this idea because it is something that could be enjoyed for years to come!

6. Make something with your hands.

When I was 8 and my sister was 16 I made her a fabric “tissue” with a button and a string. Praise the heavens we have this on video because it was nothing but pure confusion when she pulled it from her gift box. I explained to her it was a tissue to use to waive goodbye to her boyfriends with. We both laughed until we cried and it is a treasured family memory to this day.

7. Make a personalized e-card with the name of the giver and the recipient.

This is a new idea for card giving that I love from! They have new cards that you can actually insert customized names, holidays, and activities enjoyed to make a personalized video ecard. Jayne and I sat down and had such a fun time hunting through ecards to find the perfect fit for her brother. She was laughing and loved watching the card over and over because it had her name in it with it as well. We ended up picking the “Slice of Paradise Video Ecard” Jayne loved this card because the singing is so much fun, you can watch a preview of it here and stick in your own names. This will be so fun to “send” to Jackson (we’ll have to do this through my email), but I love the idea of being able to send a card to my nephew who lives an hour away and having him get it in time! american greetings slice of paradise   Another thing that I love about these ecards is it is a quick and easy way to stay in touch with a friend or old co-worker. The April Fools Day cards are hilarious. All of these cards can be send via email, direct to mobile, or Facebook. It is so easy to send a card to a loved one for any holiday, birthday or just to say hi without having to wait!

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