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Nutrimom, personal nutrition coaching, mymommystyleNutrition has always been one of my passions. In fact, when I was in college and studying Family and Consumer Sciences I was approached by the Dietetics Director and asked if I would jump ship and become a registered dietitian instead. It was so tempting! I love knowing how a balanced diet can improve total quality of life and also promote the healthiest, happiest form of ourselves. I made presentations on the benefits of breast feeding and absolutely LOVED my “Nutrition through the life cyle” class. Fast forward 10 years and I am now a mother of three. I still have a passion for nutrition and the power of healthy choices but it is so HARD as a mom to try to meet the needs of all of your little ones. Mother and son, nutrition, motherhood, baby My oldest, who is now 7, is my pickiest eater of them all. I can’t blame him entirely because I know that he has some serious sensitivities and although he wants to please me and try his food all of the time he gets in his own way. We have gone through numerous family dinners that have ended in tears because of frustration on my part or his. I have learned the things that you “should” do and have even written a few posts about it. The rules and the tools I use seem to have to always be changing to accommodate his needs.

Nutrimom is a new personal nutrition coaching program for mothers specializing in the the first 1000 days of a little one’s life. It also is there to help a mother through pregnancy, breastfeeding, and through the early years of your little one’s life. You as the user have access to a personal registered dietitian who wants to help you accomplish your goals for a healthy lifestyle for yourself and your family. I had the best time getting to know Annie and she took a full hour getting to know me, my family, and my goals as pertaining to my health and the health of my children. What is also really cool is that Nutrimom has its own app so you can actually take and share pictures of food you are eating and share it with your coach. Accountability is the best thing to keep my in check! Another thing that is on my mind is preparing my body for a healthy pregnancy because we would like to have another baby soon! I have heard from numerous mothers that #4 is “what did them in” health wise because they let themselves go and were just too busy focusing on everyone else around them. As mothers we give of ourselves always and thinking about our own health can come in last too often. I want to make sure this last go around, (yes, we plan on #4 being the caboose), that I make time for my body’s needs and focus on the best health practices for a growing baby. Now, don’t get me wrong….one of my favorite things my nutrition professor ever said to me was, “Never trust a dietitian who doesn’t eat ice cream!” I believe in moderation in all things, and plan on having my fair share of treats as well! I think most often it is the things we ARE supposed to eat that we forget about when we focus too much on what we “SHOULDN’T” eat. Jett is my best little eater and Healthy Taste Development starts early, he loves to eat salads with me and I hope that will continue! Okay, off my soap box and on to my goals. nutrimom, eating, healthy, motherhood In my first session with Annie I made three goals that I want to focus on:

1.Meal planning and getting my children more involved in the process

I am not very good about thinking ahead when it comes to planning my meals and I think because of this the variety of the foods we eat can suffer. I want to plan ahead so I can enjoy the event of eating together.

2. Giving my children the chance to try more foods in a “family style” environment where they can serve themselves from larger dishes on the kitchen table.

By doing this I am allowing them to have a greater sense of control. We also planned to make the rule of not insulting the food, and not insulting the cook.

3. Focus on getting 10,000 steps a day. I have a FitBit to track my activity and I find that far too often I am simply not moving enough. 10,000 may not seem like a lot to some but for me it was a significant daily goal.

I have just finished my first week and things are going pretty well. I tried some new recipes that I will share with you soon and the family sharing has been well received. We are still working on the “don’t insult the food thing,” but we are coming along. Here are a few pictures of things we ate this week that I shared with my personal coach:

nutrimom2nutrimomchiken12087477_10153317048679247_210774235_n   I have reached my 10,000 goal almost every day, but from how things are going I am feeling like we are heading in the right direction! I will be sharing with you some of the healthy snacks we like in our house and how things progress as I go forward!  

Whether you are looking for help in Managing Stress, getting enough Sleep or Exercise Nutrimom will help you reach your goals!

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