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Happy Winter Solstice! Christmas is in full swing at our house and we are excited to be travelling this weekend to spend time with family. Christmas comes to town with a lot of fun stuff. One of my favorites, though are Christmas cards. I LOVE to get Christmas cards. I love to see how kids are growing and to hear what families are up to. Its one of my favorite things. Unfortunately, I don’t ever get around to sending out Christmas cards. I pretty much suck at it, actually. We did get pictures done this year, however, and that, my friends, is the what I’m here to tell you about today. When you look at all the pretty Christmas cards, you see sweet children’s smiles and happy parents, right? Maybe something like this?


In reality, at least in my experience, those smiles are a result of bribes, threats, and crazy dance moves performed by me. Its funny because my kids do okay when I take their pictures with my little ol’ point and shoot, but get a professional involved and they fall apart. Either they don:t want to smile, or they just want to be crazy and run around (too fast for even a cute candid shot), or they’ll smile a semi cheesy, semi “I need to poo” smile in every shot. Does anyone else experience this? Or are all those happy faces I see on my Christmas card just one of thousands of excellent pictures that you had to choose from. If not, then know you are not alone. Family pictures, for me, are painful. Thanks to photo shop and my awesome dance moves, however, I have been lucky and had some show worthy photos like these.


While most of the others look a lot like this: (Which is actually a personal favorite. Note my husband gritting his teeth and my over-compensating, cheesy smile.)

Merry Christmas from our (very real) family to yours.

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