How to Capture Great Pictures of your Active Kids

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how to capture great pictures of your active kids, pictures, children, photography tips As a mom I love getting a great picture of my kids. I want to take pictures that capture the innocence of their childhood and remind me of what a real day to day looked like in our house when I look back at them. These are tips that I’ve found helpful and may help you as well if you have camera shy children or children who don’t like to wait around to say cheese!


So often we can forget to “take a look around” in our camera lens to see what the camera/picture will see. If you forget to find that perfect background cropping a picture can be your best friend. It is also a great way to draw your focus where you want it.

Use natural lighting any chance you get

It is incredible the difference lighting can make. This picture was taken with no extra light added and  I love how it turned out. I also love that the kids are busy doing what they do. Pay attention to the light in the room and what you want the focus of your picture to be. P1000008

Avoid Harsh mid-day light

If it is a sunny day, try to take your picture in the shade or with the sun coming at the person from the side so you don’t get harsh shadows. Typically the best times to take pictures are in the mid morning and late afternoon. Some of my favorite pictures have been taken about 1-2 hours before the sun sets. babies at sea world, Sea World, Things to do at Sea World, Activities, California, family time

Capture those moments you’ll want to remember.

If you are going to be the one with the cake and “directing traffic” so to speak, ask someone who is sitting right across from your special person in that moment and tell them to take pictures for you. Even better? Ask them to use the LUMIX G7 to take video for you so that you can have video of the moment and then go back to the video frame by frame to capture that perfect moment! You will never be a second late again. Jaynes 5th birthday

Get on their level

Try to get down to the level of your children so that you can catch the magic from their level. Sucker fish, dolphin riding, Sea World, Activities in California, My mommy Style, Sea World fun

Try a different perspective

Sometimes I like to take a completely different approach and take pictures of my kids from high above them or underneath them at a play ground. I love the full effect the over the top image can give. baby play yard, play, baby, sleepover

Never miss that perfect action shot with the LUMIX G7

I was so excited to try out the new LUMIX 4K Cameras that are equipped to take 4K video that you can then capture still images from. We went sledding this last weekend and the kids had a blast. If you’ll notice in the picture below I did NOT crop out the image of a coat on the far right of the picture because I wanted to let you know I am not a crazy person who didn’t put their baby in a coat, he was just having a very “I am two moment” and didn’t want to wear it. With the camera in the 4K setting you can take amazing video and capture incredible pictures that you may miss otherwise. I hate having to choose between video/camera mode and with this Panasonic camera and lens included you will not have to! With that tantrum aside, I was able to capture this darling picture of my three kids enjoy a quick fun filled moment down the hill. Chances are I would not have been able to capture this moment in a such a quick thrill ride. 

Here is more specific information on G7.Fun in the snow, sledding

Don’t forget your spouse…or the dog

I had to laugh because we got our dog in on the action of sledding and I literally laughed out loud when I was able to pull this picture up out of the video I took. Believe it or not, I have an even harder time getting my husband to smile in pictures…he HATES having his picture taken. This video footage made it easily possible. Sledding with a dog, action shot, lumix, mymommystyle

Capture that perfect “falling” moment”

Our dog, Poppy, was having a great time running down the hill with the kids as they were sledding down the hill and I think this falling picture is one of my favorites…captured right before my daughter did a full on face plant. sledding gun, mymommystyle, sledding with a dog, lumix

Take a video to capture those genuine smiles that can be hard to catch when children feel the pressure to smile on queue.

Even I got in on the action. I love Jett’s happy little face. sledding, mother and baby, lumix, action shot

Pass the camera.

This picture was taken by my seven year old son, and although it is a little blurry I am so happy that I have it. So often we take pictures of our kids and forget to take pictures of ourselves there and our baby bump who is now more than half way baked! With a little color correction and editing I think it turned out pretty good!me and paul, mymommystyle

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