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Paul and I are coming upon our ten year anniversary this year. Ten years! I can hardly believe that it has been that long. Quite frankly Paul can’t believe it either because one night when I was feeling emotional and needy I complained that he doesn’t whisper “sweet nothings” like he used to. He jokingly replied, “What do you expect Honey, we’ve been married 5 YEARS!” In all seriousness. Only thing is, we had been married almost 9 years. As I looked at him with raised eyebrows he finally realized that he was way off and we both belly laughed until we cried. Maybe that is why we’ve lasted this long, because we can laugh at things together! Two apartments, two houses, 3 college degrees, 5 jobs, and 3 kids between the two of us our 10 year anniversary is upon us.

How do we want to celebrate? Honestly, I would LOVE to tour Europe! Paul served his LDS mission in Belgium and France and I would adore the idea of strolling down cobblestone streets eating one too many pastries and whistling a happy tune.  But that is very far away and if you are traveling very far away you should stay for a pretty long while. Aaaaand we have these cute little children whom we love dearly and think they would enjoy a trip to Disneyland a lot more….

So…we are going to Disneyland. I went a few times when I was teeny tiny and Paul has never been, so really it will be like a first time for all of us. As much as I love the idea of strolling down cobblestone streets I also cannot get over the idea of seeing my daughter’s face light up when she sees Minnie Mouse for the first time. She may grow to never remember that memory but I WILL. As a Mother there are certain “pay days” that fill you up with excitement and light when seeing magic in your child’s eyes. Christmas is one of those times and I imagine Disneyland will be a lot like Christmas. It may seem cheesy, but bring on the cheese. I want that Minnie Mouse glowing moment with my little darling.

Get Away Today is a travel agency that specializes in family packages for Disneyland among other destinations. They also offer a Layaway “lock-in” pricing that enables you to plan ahead and chip away of the price of travel a month at a time. I love to plan ahead and it seems a lot more doable to put away a couple hundred dollars a month then a few thousand all at once! You can lock in a price for $125 and they will even help you with airfare, shuttles, hotels, and Disneyland tickets all together.

You can use the discount code Style14 and get $10 off your travel package!


300x250-Ad-LayawayTo learn more you can go directly to their website HERE.

  1. $125 fee includes non-refundable $50 Layaway Plan fee.
  2. $125 down payment for each room if multiple rooms are purchased. $50 fee only applies once if rooms are booked together.
  3. Make as many payments as you’d like prior to travel.
  4. Vacation must be paid off two weeks prior to travel.
  5. Layaway Lock-in plans may be set up online at www.getawaytoday.com or over the phone at 855-GET-AWAY.

You will be so impressed with their customer service and they really want to make the trip work for you and your family all along the way. I just love them!

Also, my sweet friend Melea is having a special group rate for people to come visit Disneyland in September! We might be going with her group then as well, there are only a few spots left!

Freebies2Deals is going to Disneyland!

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