Bringing a Baby to Disneyland: What you Need to Know

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A lot of people like to say that you should wait until your child is older to go to Disneyland, but that’s not true. Your baby can have just as wonderful a time at Disneyland as your older kids. It just takes a bit of planning and knowing where things are to enjoy Disneyland with a baby. Here’s what you need to know:

Baby Care Centers

A lot of parents don’t realize that Disneyland offers a Baby Care Center in each park. You can find a Baby Care Center at the end of Main Street by the First Aid Station in Disneyland or on the Pacific Wharf (next to Ghirardelli Chocolate Shop) in Disney California Adventure.

These centers offer a nursing room with chairs, changing room with tables and a feeding area with highchairs. The feeding area also has a kitchen with a microwave and sink, and an on-site shop offering any baby necessities you may have forgotten.

Each Baby Care Center also has a main room with a TV to keep your older kids entertained while you take care of the little one. Plus, there is a toddler-sized restroom at each center for your potty-training toddlers. The Disney California Adventure center also has a family restroom that can be extremely helpful when dealing with several little ones.

Don’t stress when you visit Disneyland with a baby – these Baby Care Centers make sure you have a quiet area for all your feeding, napping and changing needs.

Stroller Rentals

A stroller is a necessity for going to Disneyland with a baby. It’s a great place to store things, a spot for naps, and a seat you don’t have to save for the parades and shows. Strollers also help children with sensory issues by providing a safe, quiet spot so they can take a break if needed. You can bring your own stroller or rent one from the park.

Disneyland offers single strollers at $15 per day or two strollers at $25 per day. Disneyland does not offer double strollers and the strollers cannot be taken into Downtown Disney, but they are not as expensive as some rentals and are really easy to return. Just leave your stroller in the park when you leave and that’s it. You can even park hop with it, but you really can only go between Disneyland and Disney California Adventure.

If you do plan on renting a stroller from Disneyland, you should know that they all look the same. There is a place to write your name, but you may want to consider bringing some bright buttons or ribbons to catch your attention.

There are off-site rental places for strollers that you can use, just make sure to double check on what their policies are. These can be more expensive than park rentals, but can give you more flexibility if you want to be able to bring your stroller to your hotel.  My husband and I actually ordered a stroller from Amazon to arrive at our hotel when we got there. We opted for the sit and stand so that our older kids could get in and out more easily. I also love the Britax double stroller because it is so agile and even though it is side to side you can fit it through a single doorway. Having an infant car seat adapter is a life saver too especially if you are needing the car seat for travel in the car/airplane.

Be Prepared

When you go to Disneyland with a baby, you need to pack a few more things. Extra outfits, sunscreen, blankets, formula, diapers and wipes are all good things to have with you when planning a full day at the park. However, if you do forget something, you can stop by any of the Baby Care Centers to shop those common items for relatively reasonable prices.

One of the best tips for packing is to bring two bags; one to carry with you and one to have in the stroller. The bag that you carry with you is best for valuables and any small items that are important to have constant access to. The bag that stays in the stroller can be used for the bulkier items like blankets, food and diapers.  

Baby-Friendly Attractions

Disneyland has a few hidden gems for baby-friendly areas. Fantasyland and Toontown are two of the favorite spots in Disneyland with a baby. Almost all the rides in Fantasyland are baby-friendly, especially “it’s a small world” and Peter Pan’s Flight. Toontown provides a fun area for babies to watch and play with sensory and auditory stimulation.

Don’t forget the train in Disneyland either! It’s a great place to rest your feet (maybe even take a nap!) while still being in the park. You can park your stroller if you take the train round-trip, otherwise you’ll need to fold it up and bring it with you.

Disney California Adventure has a few spots that are baby-friendly as well. Bug’s Land and Cars Land are both good choices. Both areas have smaller rides and fun things to look at. The park also has some fun parades and, of course, the World of Color spectacular that will be sure to entrance your little one.  

Rider Swap

While “it’s a small world” and the carousel are fun, you don’t have to give up California Screamin’ or Star Tours when you go to Disneyland with a baby. Disney’s “Child Swap” option makes it easy for families with babies to still experience the favorite thrill rides. All you have to do is take your family to the ride entrance and ask the supervising Cast Member for a child swap pass. They’ll normally give you a lanyard that you’ll exchange for a rider pass once you get to the front of the line.

Once you have that lanyard, the rest of your group can stand in line for the ride while someone waits with the baby. You can always use that wait to get a snack and rest your feet! Once the first group has experienced the ride, they’ll come back with a rider swap ticket. Then, the person who stayed behind can go through the exit or FASTPASS queue for a much shorter wait time with up to two extra guests. Older kids LOVE the rider swap option because they get to ride twice in a row!

Enjoy it!

These are just a few of the best tips for going to Disneyland with a baby. Remember to give yourself time for breaks and naps. Most importantly, don’t forget to be in the moment and enjoy your time in Disneyland with a baby. It truly is never too early to start creating Disney memories!

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What tips would you share for mother’s taking their baby?

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