Deer Wall art for under $5!

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deer, diy, diy deer wall art, wall art, christmas, diy christmas This deer wall art was so much fun to make! I was challenged to try to make something for under $10, and I wanted to make sure that it was something that she would really enjoy and actually want to use! The holidays can get so stressful and the financial burden can stack up fast!

Originally I thought I would use these $4 tablecloths to make pillow covers. So I actually bought some pillows that were 2 for $6 that I was going to cut in half to make four throw pillows. It wasn’t until I got all of my materials home that I realized that the material of the tablecloth is quite “plasticy” which is great for an easy to wipe surface, but not so much for a throw pillow.

I scrapped that idea and came up with this idea to make a wall hanging/decor piece that I am really happy with!

You will Need:



White paint

Mod Podge

sponge brush


black marker

deer image to help you come up with your design

dollar general, diy, tablecloths, christmas 005 I started with this piece of laminate wood that was left over from my daughter’s room makeover that I had cut at Home Depot. This left over piece has been hanging out in the basement ever since just waiting for a project to claim it! It just happened to by 12 inches wide and 24 inches tall and I thought that would be a great size for this project. DIY wall art, mymommystyle, DIY,  010 The next step was cutting my tablecloth to size. I simply laid the fabric down over the wood piece and cut around. I then found this image from My Mind’s Eye to help me re-create my deer head. As you can see from my drawing I did make mistakes as I created my own, but I traced on the wrong side/back side of the fabric so that if I made a mistake it was easy to fix. If you are uncomfortable with free handing your own you could find one on the computer and print it out so you could trace it and cut it out from there. DIY Wall Art, deer, deer head, mymommystyle, dollar general 011 Cut out your design, I decided that once I had cut it out that I would cut between the head and the neck to create a little more definition. Photo credits for my six year old, Jackson. 🙂 november 2014, Jetts birthday 016 Originally I was going to go for a more beachy look with just one coat of paint before I attached the deer to the wood. I used regular white craft paint. Once I had it on I decided to keep painting it white because it make the deer head stand out a little more. november 2014, Jetts birthday 020When you are attaching the deer to the wood make sure to put some mod podge underneath the deer first to make it stick. One thing to be careful of is the threads that can come out from underneath and make things a little messy. Some of this I painted white over so it wasn’t so messy looking. I did two layers of mod podge letting it dry between coats. It is also a good idea to cover the whole board as it can scratch easily. november 2014, Jetts birthday 023And TADA! You are done! A great gift for my sister for under $5..shhhhh don’t tell her. DIY wall art, diy, deer, cute, christmas 064 Find more Dollar General Holiday Inspiration Here!Find more Dollar General Holiday Inspiration here!

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