Come and Go

Last night we went to Whitney’s school to watch her dance!

It was the first time she choreographed the team dance and she did a wonderful job! I wish I could say that she got all of her moves from me, but she didn’t. I used to be able to shake it – but we didn’t even have moves like this! We had the running man!

It seems like we’ve been watching her perform for a lot of years… and at the same time, it’s hard to believe that her childhood is almost over. She’s sixteen years old now, and only has about a year and a half until she graduates and begins her next phase of life. She hasn’t ever had a boyfriend, but there are plenty of contenders. Because man… she’s great! Isn’t that my job to see the ‘great’ in my kids? I think so. My girls are growing up so fast! If you read our family story on the original Pink Moss blog, you would have seen a tremendous amount of change in the age and development of my kids. Let me just give you a quick snap shot and catch you up for a moment.

Sydney is living with her little family in California! Briant is working with Vivint and is one of their top sales reps for their solar department. Their little baby, Emma, is as perfect as always. The only problem is that we miss them! We can’t complain too much though because they are very happy and doing really well. Sydney is so good at keeping in touch with the little ones. They love receiving texts, pictures or calls. We love watching Emma try to crawl and eat the dog food in their kitchen!






Kinley graduated high school and is attending UVU. She is neck deep into homework in her second semester of college and is studying to be a nurse. She is dating Estevan and has been now for a year and a half! They are actually in Disneyland right now with Etoni and they are staying with Aunt Heather! Fun! It was their senior trip that they hadn’t taken yet.






They are a darling couple, and he is such a nice young man. He helps the kids with homework, helps me take out the trash, makes me laugh and he is very sweet. I am really happy that Kinley has good taste in men, and that she chooses to spend time with people that treat her right. He is artistic, hardworking and we will miss him when he leaves on a mission for our church in a few months!

You saw Whitney’s video above, but let me show you a few quick updated pictures.




You see! She is growing up so fast too! Awhile back she had another dance recital, and my favorite part was when we yelled “We love you Whitney!!” and then a big voice boomed behind us “I DO TOO!” I flipped around and saw Henry, a special needs boy – that is one of Whitney’s best friends. They went to a dance together, drew each other pictures – and enjoyed a night at Burger King, because that’s where he wanted to go. I’m proud of my beautiful dancer. She’s graceful, artistic, powerful in her tumbling and striking on stage. But more than anything, I’m humbled by her spirit of love and acceptance of all.


And then, we have Brighton…. and I can’t even begin to tell you the physical changes she has made in the past few years! She is growing up right before our eyes! She still loves soccer, but we’ve added boys to that list – for sure. She has always been our Tom Boy, but now she is too grown up and beautiful to really keep her in that box.


I just love it when my daughters use their talents to create. This picture above was taken on Christmas day. Brighton had been given an electric guitar and Whitney took pictures of her outside. I love this picture because it’s so artistic and beautiful. It captures her wild spirit and beauty. I feel like you can sense who Whitney is through this picture, too.




She is still a kid who debates, and loves it. It drives me crazy but I’m sure it will serve her well in her life. We need more strong women in this world and I’m sure she will be one of them. She is great at physical play and tease, so she and her dad really get into it. She has a beautiful singing voice and plays guitar every day. She is right in the middle of Junior High drama….. heaven help us…. but I’m sure she’ll come out of it alive!

Ella is growing into a young lady faster than I can even imagine! She was just my little girl with pigtails! Ella is eleven now and leaving her pigtail days behind. She is very responsible and a care taker. She is always watching over what the younger kids are doing – and it drives them crazy! They also have a ton of fun with her because she creates games for them, plans birthday parties for them, and bakes with them. She really is a great mini mother and it’s a good thing because she wants “A whole bunch of kids!” She’s even gone far enough to say that she won’t date anyone seriously, unless this is their plan too. What a funny and beautiful little girl!



Halle is our little Diva and she cracks us up on a daily basis. Her new favorite thing is texting her sisters on her iPad. She sends crazy videos and man… are they funny. She reminds me of a mini Ellen Degeneres our something. She likes making people laugh, and she does.





And then we have our little Jordan. He keeps us all running circles around him, ever since he was adopted over four years ago! He loves tools, cars, guns, and knowing how anything and everything works. I could see him being some kind of engineer or something. He loves Policemen, much to my husbands dismay – who has issues with authority figures 🙂 He is still Mr. Handsome, and our family wouldn’t be the same without him.




And there you have it. The quick update from the fam. It’s crazy how easy it is to forget things that happen in our family, unless we record it somewhere. This is why I fell in love with blogging in the first place. Jon and I continue to fight to support our family through spending time together, praying together, and working hard in our businesses.

More than anything, love watching each child – and now grandchild – develop and grow. They each have such unique personalities and talents. What a blessing family is. It’s the only thing that truly lasts while other people in life come and go.


All Beach photos taken by my beautiful cousin Mandy. my photographer. She was with us on this beautiful vacation to Maui, last August. We stayed in the Lovelands house on the beach and had an unbelievable vacation. I loved watching the kids all play together and even both sets of grandparents made memories that would last a lifetime.


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    • Thanks Chaun 🙂 It is weird putting it all out there, but at the same time, I’ve really missed it! Thanks for saying hi and giving me feedback. xoReplyCancel


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