How to Beat Candy Crush Level 130

So you’ve been moving along in Candy Crush, passing level after level, then you come to Candy Crush level 130.  This is your first real test…your first “Super Hard Level”!  We’ve showed you how to play Candy Crush without bothering your facebook friends.  Now we will show you how to beat Candy Crush Level 130.

Strategy to Beat Candy Crush Level 130

  • First, this level is all about striped candy.  You have to resist all urges to get wrapped candy (bombs) and sprinkle candy (specific color bomb) and focus only on striped candy.
  • You have to combine two striped candies together 5 times!  This is easier said than done, but we’re going to give you some great strategies to help you move on.

Candy Crush Level 130 YES

  • Use the last two boosts before entering the level.  I’m not a fan of the sprinkled candy on this level as it can wreak havoc on your stripes and make you essentially start over.  But the second boost will start you with extra stripes and the check mark can turn into stripes as well.  You shouldn’t feel bad about using a boost on this level.

Candy Crush Level 130 Intro

  • The level usually starts you out with a sprinkled candy, a wrapped candy and a striped candy.  You have 43 moves to combine 5 sets of two striped candies.

Candy Crush Level 130 a

  • Your intuition is going to tell you to combine wrapped with striped or wrapped with sprinkled candy.  Don’t do this!  Focus on the striped candy

Candy Crush Level 130 Death

  • If you get a sprinkled candy, a good strategy is to just combine it with a regular color.  This could cause additional stripes to form.  Most importantly this gives you the greatest chance of keeping as many striped candies on the board.
  • If you are faced with the opportunity for a wrapped or striped candy, go for the striped.  This one is tough, because on all levels leading up to this one the wrapped candy is always the right choice.

Candy Crush Level 130 Stripe

  • If you get two striped candies together…don’t get overconfident and try something stupid.  Swipe them together and move on.  There are only 4 colors used on this level, so usually multiple candies are broken on a given turn.  There is no worse feeling than giving up a sure thing and watching your entire board explode.
  • Get that helmet!  The helmet is earned by winning 5 or 7 levels in a row without losing a life.  You have to continue your run of not losing a life to keep the helmet, but it will start you with striped candy so if you want to put in the time you can go back 7 levels (level 122) and try to make a run at it.

Candy Crush Level 130 Helmet

I hope this has been a useful list of tips.  Keep trying and after a while you will realize this level has got nothin on you!  See I passed it on the first try (here’s your proof):

Candy Crush Level 130 Wrap

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