Candy Crush Cheats: how to get more lives

candy crush cheat how to get more lives

Candy Crush Cheat: How to get more lives

This simple Candy Crush cheat was brought to my attention by a coworker, and it has saved me TONS of time. Seriously, we’re talking months of crushing here. The concept is simple: if the game is only letting you have one life every thirty minutes, you just need to put your phone in a time machine and move it ahead at least 3 hours. Or get that remote from the “beyond” section of Bed, Bath, and Beyond.


Okay, it’s not really that hard, you just need to convince the game that a few hours have gone by. How? On your iPhone or iPad, go to the Settings menu and go to General, select Date & Time and then switch off the “Set Automatically” button. Viola – you’ve got your time machine! For more lives you just need to move ahead a few hours, but I find it easiest to just skip ahead a whole day.


Then, double click the home button on the iPad or iPhone to get back to Candy Crush. You should notice that your full compliment of lives has magically appeared! Now would be a good time to double-tap the home button and go back to the settings. If you fix the time so it’s correct again right now, you won’t lose any of your lives and can go right back to playing. However, if you begin a game and then go back to correct the time, Candy Crush will let you play out your five lives, but the little clock will tell you that you need to wait another 24 hours to play again! Keep in mind, this isn’t a big deal. After all, I’ve just given you a Candy Crush Time Machine. I just find it easier to correct the time before I get back to crushing. Plus there’s always the fear in the back of my mind that I’ll forget to correct it and end up sleeping in because my iPad thinks it’s the weekend and won’t wake me up!


candy crush cheat

This Candy Crush cheat also works for completing quests!

Normally the game will only allow you to complete one quest per 24 hours, but if you simply time-travel ahead to the next day your next quest will be there waiting for you!


I have no idea if this works for Droid or any other non-apple devices. Perhaps someone in the comments can try it and let me know.

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