50 Activities To DO with Your Family This Weekend

Create some lasting memories with your family this weekend with one or more of these fun activities! This is a mix of things we like to do indoors or out, so find something that works for you and your family and go have a ball! I have tried my best to keep most of these activities free, there are so many things that you can do that don’t cost a ton of money that are so much fun!

  1. Sock WAR. This was a night game that was created by my family when we were small children. It is a little like laser tag, except you don’t have lasers. We would roll up unmatched socks into balls, turn off all of the lights, and launch socks at each other like they were bombs. It makes for a sneaky, fun night and is bound to end in laughter. Wear dark clothing and try your best not to be seen. We have changed the rules up through the years. You can have each person use their own colored/type of socks to signify their goals or you can do a tally count of how many hits you get in before all the socks are gone, or you can turn it into hide and go seek where the last person to be found wins. Depending on the ages of your kids you can alter the rules.

2. Water balloon Volleyball. 

This is one of my favorite games. This game needs to be played in pairs as each grouping with be holding ends of a towel. You take turns launching water balloons over a volleyball net. The opposing team tries to catch the water balloons in their towels without letting it fall or break. This is a game for older kids, teenagers, and adults. It is so much fun!

3. Tag.

There are so many variations. Freeze tag is one of our favorites, but toilet tag is a fun one too. Look it up! 🙂

4. Bowling.

5. Fishing.

6. Service. 

Ideas that are family friendly are visiting animal shelters, old folks homes, or homeless shelters. Call ahead to ask about what services would be best and what would be possible for you to do. If there has been a recent natural disaster near you or even within the country consider gathering up non-perishable foods, clothing, toiletry items, and gently used toys to donate to others in need. Family and homeless shelters are always in need of diapers, formula, or other baby items that your children may have grown out of.

7. Get them cooking.

Getting children involved in the kitchen is an amazing way to connect, teach math concepts with measuring, and expose your child to more textures and flavors that they might otherwise refuse to try. Make it fun and try a family recipe that has been in your home for generations.

8. Movie Marathon.

9. Rock adventures.

There are so many fun things you can do with rocks! We have multiple posts dedicated to things you can do with them like rock photo holders, rock currency, or rock painting.

One of my new favorites is by following along in rock groups that are popping up all over the country! Here is the gist of it:

The game is simple:
1. Paint a rock. Kind words, images, anything you would like
2. Take a pic of your finished rock and share it to the group
3. Hide the rock somewhere, take a photo clue of kinda where it is so people can go look for it.
4. When a rock is found, post a pic of your finding to the group
5. Have fun, this is free and the family will enjoy it!!
6. Keep on rocking, and tell your friends about this group
7. Be sure to like, follow, and share this group with your friends so future post and challenges do not get missed!

The groups are found on Facebook, so search for one near you and if you don’t have one, consider creating one! If you are in Utah, “801 ROCKS” would be a good place to start!


10. Geo-caching.

11. Relay race.

12. Homemade band.

13. Karaoke.

14. Boating. Paddleboarding. Canoeing. Kayaking. Anything on the water!

15. Card shark.

Leave your ego at the door and have fun with some classic games. We love playing Headbandz as a family and other classics like UNO, Phase 10, and go fish.

16. Leaf art.

We love collecting leaves and creating new things with them! You can trace them to make original art or create your own leaf people!

17. Finger play.

18. Service race.

19. Homegrown entertainment.

20. Bocce ball.

21. Golfing.

22. Make slime.

How To Make Fluffy Slime - Add Glue

23. Water kick ball.

24. Indoor race track.

25. Food fight.

26. Local sports event.



27. Capture the flag.

28. Plan a treasure hunt.

29. Visit a pet store.

30. Visit your local fire station or police station.

31. Tour the grocery store.

32. Play dress up.

33. Picnic somewhere new.

34. Have a “try something new day”

35. Swimming.

36. Build forts.

37. Read a book and make it come to life.

38. Pickle Ball.

39. Spike Ball.

40. Bird watching.

41. Go to the Zoo. 

42. Visit your local.

43. Go snipe hunting.

44. Clean out.

45. Create a movie.

46. Practice a new skill.

Whether is standing on your heads, yoga, or a wake board, get out there and try something new together. My favorite childhood memories were spent learning something new with those I love.

47. Have a blind taste test.

This would be really fun to try different and familiar foods/candies while using a blind fold to see if you can take turns guessing what food is what. This can easily be done with candy flavors too, its a fun quick game that doesn’t take much prep!

48. Meet the neighbors.

49. Host a get together.

So often we think that having a great weekend means we have to plan for hours on end, but honestly some of my favorite get togethers are the last minute, “what is in your pantry and let’s get together” moments. Family and friends are what makes the world go round!

50. Go hiking.

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