7 Tips for Organizing a Girl Get Away & Weekend Get Away Giveaway!


Looking into organizing a girl get away? Every woman needs a chance to get away from the mundane daily tasks we all have. But, it can seem as times that it is so hard to plan a girl get away because our schedules are all so busy! This can feel even more insurmountable when you add in a husband and kids. Oy. I am here to tell you that it can be to the benefit of everyone in your life to fill your well as a wife and mother so that you have so much more to give. What do I mean by “filling your well?”

Imagine yourself as a bucket. Yes. A really pretty bucket that is filled with water. With this bucket you are asked to give water to all those who surround you through acts of service, support, time, attention, and tasks. Our jobs, homes, husband, and children all require something from our bucket every single day. You cannot give of yourself when you have not filled your emotional “well” and met the needs that you require to stay a sane, happy, amazing woman! So let’s get started helping you plan your get away.

Just do it

Convincing yourself that you make this happen in half of the battle. You may be arguing with yourself that it just isn’t feasible, and I get it. There really are times that it is not possible. When I was first married I was working full time to get my husband through school. Then I started having babies and we were too poor to be able to afford a get away just for me because we wanted to save up the time/money we had for a get away for us.

Then I realized that a little get away for me doesn’t have to be large in scale or expensive. It could be a one night away vacation at a local hotel, delicious food, and the company of my best gal pals. There are ways to make the trip less expensive and then some day you could make it a weekend trip away from your home state or even (gasp) a cruise!

Examine your life and resources and if a girls trip out starts with ice cream and a pedicure, do it. Being around other women that get us most can fill up that well with one good tear jerking belly laugh in no time.

Save up your bargaining chips

There is an unspoken balance and check when it comes to “time away” from the family. At least there is in mine. I struggle sometimes in supporting my husband’s golf, fishing, basketball, baseball, fight nights, and football games. But I try to remember that he needs his “out time” and his “guy time” too. They fill a need in him that I as his wife just can’t. That is okay! Realizing that he comes back happier and excited about me having get away time is totally worth it and after being married for 12 years we know how rejuvenated we both are when we allow each other to do this. Just next week my husband is going to a pro football game with my brothers and dad for a little guy time and they are so excited. You’d better believe I am already thinking of what could be my next fun excursion!

Have a back up plan

If your household is like mine, you may be the one who is in charge of the household and the kids and allll the goings on at your house. This means the hardest task for me when I plan some get away time is the babysitting. Ugh. It can be the worst part. In my experience it is always best to plan and then plan again. If I have multiple people helping me while I am away I write up the same schedule/instructions for everyone involved and I email the same copy to everyone with the contact information for each person involved on that email.

You may also want to consider asking someone to be your “back up” plan in case a babysitter gets sick or has un unexpected emergency arise. Trust me, both have happened to me. Nothing makes my husband less willing to see me go then the babysitter plans to fall through. So plan and then have a back up plan. You can thank me later. 🙂

Plan ahead

This may seem silly to some…but the sooner you plan your get away and the details for travel the better. In fact I even plan what we hope to see and do so that we have a bucket list of sorts. This is less necessary if you are just coming together for one night to veg, but if you are mixing a little work with pleasure this could be extra beneficial.

Recently I went to a blog retreat and we were able to plan out our meals and where we stayed so that we were able to get a lot of work/play done without having to worry about where the next meal was going to come from.

Eat well

Sometimes it is all about the food, am I right? I love having something to look forward to eat that isn’t prepared by me and doesn’t rhyme with mekit lutter and bunny. You know what I’m saying? I am all for eating healthy and making smart choices…but on a girls get away? I am going to savor all the delicious food! We recently tried a new restaurant called Texas De Brazil, it was phenomenal!


Choosing where to stay is half the fun! The Weekend Travel Club offers membership discounts to a number of locations all over the west side of the country and is where we chose to stay for our little weekend excursion. Through this club you can enjoy a discounted stay to Hampton Inn and Suites, Fairfield Inn and Suites, Home2, and Holiday Inn Express & Suites. I was so impressed with the cleanliness of their rooms, the comfortable beds, and the awesome continental breakfast. I would choose to go there again with no hesitation. (Make sure you enter below to win a free night stay!)


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Find a way to fit in your favorites. Your favorite food, your favorite activities, your favorite treats, and your favorite people.

Be prepared to see the magic happen as your well is filled and you are then able to stay up that extra hour with the baby with a big smile on your face! My blog friends and I want to offer you the chance to plan your own girls weekend giveaway! Because let’s face it, girls just wanna have fun!



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