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Here are some helpful tips to help you organize your kitchen as you may find that food tends to get lost just like socks in a house full of little kids. By using these tips for organizing my kitchen I have a better idea of what I have run out of and need to put on my grocery list. It also makes packing lunches, preparing dinners, and entertaining guests so much easier.

Start with a clean slate.

Whether you are organizing your refrigerator or pantry start by clearing everything out and only keeping the things your family actually eats. It is shocking to me every time I do this how long I can leave something uneaten or past its expiration date. If you are letting go of the things you know your family will not eat you will have a much easier time organizing your space. Donate items that are still fresh and throw out everything that has expired.

Organizing your kitchen does not have to cost a fortune.

When I started the task of organizing my kitchen I was overwhelmed with the cost of simple bins and tubs. I wanted a clear container that I could wash and reuse, but I didn’t want to have to spend $5-$10 dollars on each one. I was able to find these flip top clear containers from the dollar store as well as the clear white bins.

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The bins that are white with the handle cut out are from IKEA and they are a little more expensive. The dollar store bins do not hold up well to a lot of weight, but if you are simply going to be storing them on a shelf it shouldn’t cause a problem. If you are transporting your storage to take to a picnic or BBQ then you would want something a little sturdier. Eventually I would like to replace my bins with the sturdier bins, but it isn’t a huge deal.

I love that I can wash and reuse these containers and it makes the pantry seem less congested.

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Invest and label quality containers for baking staples that you will handle a lot.

I knew I wanted to have glass jars for my baking staples. These containers are from Walmart, I cannot remember the exact price on each one, but they are a nice, thick glass and will last for years. Here is another set that is similar from Amazon. I simply added vinyl lettering to the jars to give them a cute flair and so I don’t use sugar instead of salt.

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Use organizers that make your life easier

I love this pan organizer I found to keep the pans apart from each other. I also used another bin above it to store all of the lids for the pots and pans so they are easy to find and aren’t slipping around.

Kitchen organization ideas, organize the kitchen, clean kitchen

Designate a clear space for your pets.

For a while I kept the dog dish by the sink because of the convenience of filling up the water bowl. Without fail it was ALWAYS getting kicked over or the baby would get into the food/water. We now have the food tucked away in the corner of the pantry that has a door to keep little fingers away when needed. I love this large tupperware for storing the dog food because it keeps the smell in the tote and is easy to access when the bowl needs to be refilled. I keep a mug in the bin so it is easy to measure out a cup for our dog.

Dog food bin, kitchen organizing, clean kitchen, dog food storage

Use items in multiple ways to make kitchen clean up easier.

I love these three ideas:

Use reusable bins for snacks or treats so when you run out you can simply refill items your family uses again and again.

Use a lazy susan in the fridge to get to hard to reach items, if you have a party happening you can take it out of the refrigerator and use it on the table for condiments, salad dressings, or spices.

Use plastic place settings as liners for the inside of your refrigerator. If you have a spill simply pull out the the place setting for easy clean up.

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Use organizers to minimize the chaos.

I could probably edit this drawer even more, a long utensil organizer will make it so much easier to find the tool you need to get the job done. If you have items that you do not use, donate them!

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Use magazine racks to organize your canned goods.

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Store your reusable bags in an easy to reach location.

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Let your refrigerator remind you when your items are getting close to expiration


Samsung is releasing a new refrigerator (The Family Hub refrigerator) that actually has cameras installed on the inside of the fridge so that you can always keep track of the foods you have inside and how fresh they are. Never again will you forget whether or not you’re out of milk because this refrigerators cameras can actually connect with your phone.

With the kitchen serving as the center of the home and a common gathering spot, the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator is perfectly suited to entertain friends and family. It offers options for music streaming to play through its built-in speaker or connect to your Bluetooth wireless speakers, like Samsung’s own Radiant 360 line, to enjoy music throughout the home. You can even enjoy your favorite television programs right on the Family Hub screen using Screen mirroring with your Samsung Smart TV so you can watch your favorite show while preparing dinner or watching the game.

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I hope you enjoyed these kitchen organizing tips!

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