5 Reasons Why Freeze Dried Food Storage is the Way to Go

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I have always known that food storage was something that I wanted and needed for my family but I have been uncertain of knowing what to invest my money in. I also have to admit that preparing traditional food storage type foods: beans, rice, wheat, flour has always been intimidating to me.  Food storage is not only preparation for major catastrophe it is also something that can be drawn upon in case of severe weather, job loss, injury, or lack of transportation to the store.

It is when I became a parent that the need and desire to get food storage really weighed on me and went from a “I want to” to “I need to”  I am LDS, which means that I am also commanded to have food storage and prepare every needful thing. You can read more about what that means here.

We started by purchasing some of the staples that are the more traditional ways of creating food storage. When I really was hit in the face with the reality was on Christmas morning when my in-laws actually me a hand held wheat grinder as a gift. I remember holding the thing and thinking, “How on earth am I supposed to use this!?” I am supposed to know how to grind my own wheat by hand and make my own bread? Where is the Little Red Hen when you need her? It was a completely practical gift, and I was thankful for it…but it did scare me because I realized how desperately unprepared I was.

Recently I was introduced to Rainy Day Solutions and the wonderful world of freeze dried food storage. Full, complete, protein filled meals that only require hot water to be consumed. And you know what? It tastes really good. Of course it doesn’t taste as good as a fresh meal made from scratch but it tastes pretty dang close to it! I was amazed by all of the family friendly options and even more surprised by the taste.



Just add water

Could it be any easier than this? If you have the ability to heat water and add it to a pouch or bowl, you have the skill set to prepare a delicious meal for your family.

25+ year shelf life

These pouches have a guarantee of freshness for 25 years and a shelf life for even longer. You can rest easy knowing you have your family covered for years to come.

Takes up less space

Freeze dried items take up less space and are easy to pack in a hurry.

Peace of mind

Rest easy knowing that you have your family covered in case of an emergency of any kind. Natural disasters, floods, earthquakes, job loss, emergency, injury, happen.

It tastes amazing

Keep in mind, freeze dried food is not the cheapest way to prepare all of your food storage. I would suggest filling your food storage with staples that would compliment the freeze dried food. By adding rice or beans to any one of these menu items you could beef up your meal supply and have it stretch a lot longer. Not to mention the fact that it would be a lot easier to maintain actual flavor in your food by doing this.

You can start small and work your way up in terms of how many meals you have covered and for how long.

I suggest starting with just a 72 hour kit for each member in your family or a 1 month supply. One of my goals for this Summer is to have 72 hour kits prepared for each person in the family and I will share that with you soon.

Now that I have this food storage my mind has been set at ease. We don’t have our entire supply yet, but we are working on it.

camille walker, mymommystyle.com

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