27 Awesome Bubble Wrap Art Projects

Kids can’t resist the fun of bubble wrap and crafting. Take a look at these twenty seven bubble wrap art ideas we put together for you.

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27 Awesome Bubble Wrap Art Projects

I just moved and found myself with a huge box of used bubble wrap. The kids love jumping on it and twisting it to make all those pop sounds, but I still had some left over. Hating the idea of just throwing it away, I decided to use it for a few crafts! I searched the internet and these are the coolest bubble wrap art projects around!

I thought this would be the perfect way to teach my kids how to use their hands and be creative. Kids have fun doing the bubble wrap art and they won’t even know they’re learning!

What are the Benefits of Arts and Crafts for Kids?

  • Practice and Develop fine Motor skills
  • Increases Dexterity and hand function
  • Improves Hand-Eye Coordination and hand strength
  • Encourages Self Expression
  • Promotes innovation and creativity
  • Helps with decision-making skills
  • Boost Self Esteem

Here’s the list of Bubble Wrap Art Ideas:

1. Bubble Wrap Flower from My Mommy Style

Purple flower with a yellow pompom in the center was created using a stamp made from bubble wrap. Think of all the fun flower colors you can create with this stamp.

Bubble wrap art flowers with purple pedals and green grass.

2. Bubble Wrap Stamp from My Mommy Style

Around the house supplies were used to make these easy bubble wrap art stamps. All ages can do this and enjoy the patterns they can create.

Bubble wrap Art stamps with a toilet paper roll

3. Cherry Blossom Tree from Glued to My Crafts Blog

This bubble wrap art reminded me of going to Washington DC in the Spring will all of those cherry blossoms. What a sight to see!

Bubble wrap art of a pink cherry blossom tree.

4. “Hooray For Fish” Mural from I Heart Crafty Things

This fun mural was created after reading the book “Hooray for Fish” by Lucy Cousins. It would be fun to read the book together followed by this bubble wrap art project.

Bubble Wrap Art of Bright colored fish swimming in blue water.

5. Jellyfish Craft from The Resourceful Mama

This Jellyfish has fun google eyes with long green bubble wrap tentacles. You can just paint on the eyes if you don’t have any of the google eyes floating around your craft box.

Bubble wrap Art of Green Jellyfish in blue water.

6. Snake from Crafty Morning

Make your own paper plate snake with your kids using bubble wrap to give him some texture. Watch out for that red tongue!

Bubble Wrap Art of a Green snake.

7. Beehives from Crafty Morning

Fingerprint bees with bubble wrap dots for the beehive. It doesn’t get cuter that this. This would be a fun gift for grandparents to display on their fridge.

Bubble wrap art of Beehive and fingerprint yellow bees.

8. Crocodiles from Positively Splendid

These crazy crocs get their name because they have crazy eyes. They use styrofoam balls for the eyes, but you can always use google eyes instead.

Bubble wrap art of green crocs.

9. Sheep from Crafty Morning

“Mary had a little lamb its fleece was white as snow.” What a fun craft to make and learn that classic song with your kids. Change up the bow colors to make a cute set of sheep.

Bubble wrap art of white sheep.

10. Moon and Rocket from Hand Me Down Ideas

Do some star gazing on a warm summer night and learn about outer space. This moon and rocket bubble wrap art is out of this world.

Bubble wrap art of rocket and moon.

11. Snowman from Art Paper Scissors

While the weather is cold outside, stay warm inside and make this winter snowman. Add a top hat and scarf to dress him up.

Bubble Wrap Art of a snowman on blue construction paper.

12. Carrot Garden from Crafty Morning

Are there any gardeners out there!? Make a carrot patch with your kids using bubble wrap and paint! It’s a simple and fun bubble wrap art to make.

Bubble Wrap Art of garden corn in dirt.

13. Dragon from Terrific 2s

Read a princess fairy tale with your kids and use this dragon to act out his part. Maybe you can add some glitter to that fire coming out of his nostrils.

Bubble Wrap Art of a green dragon breathing fire.

14. Painting with Rolling Pins from Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds

Push the brushes aside, because this bubble wrap art uses rolling pins to paint. Create so many different color combos with this unique way of decorating your canvas.

Bubble Wrap Art using rolling pins rolled in multi colors of paint.

15. Grapes from No Time For Flashcards

Fruity fun with this cluster of purple grapes created from bubble wrap. This is a great first bubble wrap art project because of its simplicity.

Bubble Wrap Art of purple grapes.

16. Rainbow from I Heart Crafty Things

It sure feels like Spring when we see rainbows. Rainbows are so magical and it’s fun to use so many different colors! Great way to teach our little ones their colors.

Bubble Wrap Art of a rainbow with white clouds.

17. Seahorse from Trinity Preschool

Bright, multi-colored seahorse will catch your eye in this fun construction paper masterpiece. They have such a fun snake-like tail that coils around.

Bubble Wrap Art of a bright seahorse.

18. Crab from from Trinity Preschool

Don’t be crabby, make this bubble wrap art crab and add some google eyes to make it silly.

Bubble Wrap Art of a colorful crab.

19. Bubble Wrap Bug from She Knows

Learn the son the Ants Go Marching One by One and make this adorable purple ant. Love how they used pipe cleaners for the antennas and legs.

Bubble Wrap Art of a purple ant.

20. Bubble Wrap Shape Painting from Learning 4 Kids

Are you learning about shapes with your pre-schooler? Make different shapes with bubble wrap and use different colors to paint them on paper.

Bubble Wrap Art of shapes in red, blue and yellow.

21. Starfish from No Time for Flashcards

What a great way to re-purpose paper bags with these starfish bubble art crafts. Add some glitter and jewels to really glitz it up.

Bubble Wrap Art of starfish on paper bags.

22. Turkey from Crafty Morning

Are you trying to find some crafts to entertain the kids while the turkey is cooking? These darling turkeys are just so fun to make using a roller.

Bubble Wrap Art of a turkey.

23. Cardboard Tube Tree from Crafty Morning

Make a beautiful fall tree using bubble wrap, watercolors, and a cardboard tube! It’s really easy to make even toddlers or preschoolers can do it.

Bubble Wrap Art of Cardboard tube trees.

24. Indian Corn Wreath from MPM Ideas

Bubble wrap makes the perfect corn kernels in this Indian corn wreath. This would make a fun centerpiece or wreath on your door.

Bubble Wrap Art of an Indian corn wreath on a front door.

25. Corn Sun Catchers from Sow Sprout Play (No link Available)

This bubble wrap lets the sun shine on these sweet ears of corn. I love the cute faces that give character to the corn.

Bubble Wrap Art of corn sun catchers.

26. Octopus from Joyfully Weary

With google eyes and tentacles made from bubble wrap, this octopus uses basic supplies to create fun creatures to hang somewhere in your home.

Bubble Wrap Art of pink and red octopus.

27. Rainy Cloud from Red Ted Art

Rain Rain go Away! This happy rain cloud mobile would be so cute in a baby’s room. This is so darling that it’s hard to tell it’s made from cheap bubble wrap.

Bubble Wrap Art of a rainy cloud mobile.

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