25 beautiful master bedroom ideas

Give your master bedroom a new look! Here is a round up of my favorite master bedrooms ideas from around the internet for inspiration! 

We are getting ready to move out of state. We’re moving to Alaska to be exact! It’s a big move and we’ve decided because of the amount of money it would cost to move all of our stuff (that isn’t that valuable anyway), that we are going to sell most of it and start over in Alaska. I am looking forward to start redecorating a new house and especially a new master bedroom. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite master bedrooms from around the internet for inspiration and I hope you find something that inspires you too! You can find even more inspiration in this roundup of guest bedroom ideas.

25 master bedroom ideas:

I love this room because it is a great balance of feminine and masculine looking pieces.

master bedroom grey with black and white accents


Get this look:


So the windows in this room are pretty impressive, but what about the view!? So pretty!

master bedroom soothing grey


Get this look:


I loved this idea of doing a gallery wall of wedding photos. All of my wedding photos are sitting in a box! I would love to pull them out and display them.

master bedroom Mr and Mrs gallery wall


Get the look:


How cool is this window/nook!? It looks so relaxing.

master bedroom window


Get the look:


I love symmetry in design. This room is oddly satisfying in its symmetry, I could stare at it all day. Oh, and that rug is pretty awesome too.

master bedroom yellow grey cool rug


Get the look:


That chalkboard beautifully completes this room.

master bedroom quote


Get the look:


I would much rather have a chandelier in my room, but if I have to have a fan, this is the one that I want! Also I love the color of that accent wall.

master bedroom turquoise wall


Get the look:


Exposed beams make my heart happy. Whitewashed exposed beams give me butterflies. So basically this room makes me swoon. Its like the perfect blend of rustic, glamor and country chic.

master bedroom exposed beams


I will admit, the blue print in the room isn’t my favorite, but replace that print with any that you like and you can personalize this space however you like. I love the built-ins above the bed!

master bedroom white with print


If you have never heard of Young House Love I think you should check them out. They buy old houses and then redo the whole thing. They post before and after photos that are just jaw dropping. If you own an old, out dated home, check them out because they will inspire you. Behind the drapes next to the bed are shelves to better utilize the space in this small master bedroom. They added extra storage space and made it look beautiful.

master bedroom young house love


I love gallery walls, but never thought about putting one above my bed. I love the idea just as much as I love that gorgeous paint color.

master bedroom young house love gallery wall


How cool is this plank wall from The Potters-Place!? She gives a great tutorial on how to make your own.  Transform you bedroom by adding some texture and clean lines.

master bedroom potters place plank wall


master bedroom sweet charlie before and after

This room makeover from Sweet Charli shows what some texture and cute accessories can do for your bedroom! Gorgeous!


I share my bed with my husband and I have never thought of having a picture of us above our bed, but it makes sense! I like how big Our Thrifty Ideas made the frame and photo and making it black and white helps the other colors in theroom pop.

master bedroom black and white photo


The colors, textures, decor, and styling of this room are spot on. Love it.

master bedroom orange accents


I love rustic sliding barn doors. I love the idea of having one in a master bedroom as a door to the bathroom. With the long mirror on one side this door serves two purposes without taking up more space. And did I mention it looks cool too? Win, win, win! (Don’t know how I feel about the owl painting above the toilet though…)

master bedroom rustic barn door


This looks like a calm, peaceful place to sleep. I would love this room.



This headboard is made out of a 90 year old door. I love that it looks cool and has a cool story.

master bedroom 90 year old door headboard


The colors in this room are perfection. I especially love that it looks like a bright and colorful room without looking busy. And the exposed beams! I think I already expressed my love for exposed beams.

master bedroom beautiful colors


This room is calming and beautiful and I love that ceiling!

master bedroom thrifty


This room has color, texture and personality.

master bedroom cool yellow accents


I love that light fixture and beautiful print.

master bedroom colorful comfortor


Love the exposed brick!

master bedroom exposed brick


I would have never thought of doing this for a headboard, but it is so cool. The lamps and artwork really help to frame it.

master bedroom reclaimed wood



Click on the photos below to find some of my favorite items for a master bedroom:

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 8.22.33 PM
Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 9.05.37 PM
Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 9.07.15 PM
Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 9.14.18 PM

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