6 questions that will get your closet in shape

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Start the new year off by cleaning out and organizing your closet. Here are six key questions to ask yourself as you go through your closet to help you quickly decide what gets to stay and what gets the boot.


1. Does the item fit? First and foremost, every item in your closet should not only fit, but fit well. If you haven’t worn the item in the last 30 days, try it on in front of the mirror and evaluate the fit. If the item does not fit, you have the following choices:


Box it up – this option applies to clothing that is still in great shape and will work for a different life stage. Maternity clothes would fit into this category. If you are planning on losing weight, save the clothes that are currently too tight. If you are hoping to gain weight, save the clothes that are a little baggy. Get all of these clothes out of your closet and box them up to free up much needed space.


Donate it – this option applies to any clothing item in good shape that you don’t foresee needing in the near future. Box up these items and take them to the nearest goodwill store.

Toss it – this option applies to any item that is no longer in good shape. Toss the item in the trash and don’t look back.


Must Have Item: Having at least one pair of jeans that fit you really well is essential.

Fun Fact: Jeans were originally designed for miners and cowboys in the late 1800s.


2. Do you love how you look and feel with the item on?


When you wear this item do you feel comfortable and confident? When you see yourself in the mirror do you love what you see? If the answer is no to either question then it’s time to donate or toss the item.


Must Have Item for Men: Classic sneakers can promote comfort and confidence.

Fun Fact: Converse’s Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers have been around for almost 90 years.


Must Have Item for Women: A pretty necklace can make you look and feel pretty.

Fun Fact: Necklaces have been worn since the Stone Age.


3. Have you worn the item in the last year?


The past twelve months have covered every season. If you did not wear the item last year, then it’s time to donate it or toss it. If you forgot about the item then it will be even easier to part with it. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you may need it this year.


Must Have Item for Men: A sleek and stylish watch can be worn 365 days a year.

Fun Fact: Every Rolex watch is still made by hand.


Must Have Item for Women: Black pumps are great for year round style.

Fun Fact: Beth Shak, an American poker player, reportedly owns over 1,200 pairs of shoes.


4. Is the item age appropriate?


If the item reminds you of a teenager or a grandparent, then you need to donate it or toss it.


Must Have Item for Men: A classic polo shirt will always be age appropriate

Fun Fact: The polo shirt was designed by a tennis star. Learn more about the polo here.


Must Have Item for Women: A black blazer jacket is very age appropriate.

Fun Fact: By nature, the black blazer is versatile and looks good on every body type.  


5. Does the item match multiple pieces in your wardrobe?


If the item does not match anything else you own, then you should donate it or toss it. The only exception is if the item is a great stand alone piece. If you really love the item, then put purchasing items that match the item at the top of your shopping priority list.


Must Have Item for Men: A pullover sweater in a neutral color pairs well with other items.

Must Have Item for Women: A cardigan in a great color can be paired with multiple outfits.

Fun Fact: Many of the sweaters Mr. Rogers wore on his show were made by his mother.


6. Is the item in style or timeless in nature?


If the item is not in style, donate it or toss it. Timeless pieces are always in style. If you are unsure if the item qualifies as either in style or timeless, ask a trusted friend for help.


Must Have Item for Men: A crisp white dress shirt is a timeless piece.

Fun Fact: The influence of the white dress shirt can be traced back to the Victorian era.


Must Have Item for Women: A classy little black dress will always be age appropriate.

Fun Fact: The little black dress has been recognized as a staple in every woman’s wardrobe since the 1920s.

Little black dress with rhinestones isolated on white

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