A room without a books, is like a body without a soul


A room without books, is like a body without a soul…

I missed book group again this month. I have not been able to meet with The Ladies to much this year. More than anything I miss the lively discourse!

We have a discussion and then share in a potluck.
The host is different every month and depending on how many people are in attendance, is about how many differing views there are, on what we have read. There are usually about fifteen of us, and it can get quite lively!


I was blessed to be raised in a home, where reading was encouraged! My Father, was the avid reader, we all got our own library cards as soon as we could hold a book… but I fell in love with the escape of it all.

The first time I saw my Mother,
sitting at the kitchen table, nibbling on a sandwich as she turned the pages. Instilled within me a yearning I can’t quite describe.
She had sent all of us kids outside to play, and thought she had the house to herself for a few moments.

The sun, was peeking through the curtains, the windows were open and the breeze from the canyon, was just right.

She was transported~

So engrossed in the printed word, she did not hear me ask for cookies to take outside. I took that as a yes, and grabbed a couple of handfuls, to share with the neighborhood kids, and my siblings.


Dad, always had books on every subject imaginable scattered throughout the house. It was good fodder for discussion, debate, and heated commentary. The older I got, the more inclined I was to test my knowledge with that of Pops. I always came away learning more. It created within me the desire to participate in the Forensic class in High School.

As I have gotten older, I always have about six or more books checked out from the library at each visit. I usually have several reads going on at the same time.

I am weird, I accept that.

It’s just that I read according to my mood, and believe it or not, if it cannot hold my attention, or stimulate thought, or if it is written poorly, I do not finish it. I simply start on another one.

I always have something to read with me, no matter where I am.
(Never know if I am going to be held up somewhere, stoplights, traffic jams, construction…waiting on my guy, so I am prepared to be transported, entertained or enlightened.)

My first true love as a writer was Dr. Seuss…but I cut my teeth on Mother Goose, and so did my children.

Plus: It’s the cheapest vacation you will ever take!

A room with out books,
is like a body without a soul~

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