7 questions to ask your grandma

7 questions to ask your grandma, mymommystyle

They say that wisdom comes with age and that we can learn much from those who have gone before us. While you can learn incredible insights from history books and scholars of the ages, the very best insights for you may come from your own family members. Knowing more about where you came from can help you figure out where you ultimately want to go. Whether you have a good relationship with your grandmother or not, pay her a visit soon and ask her these seven questions.


1. What do you wish you had known at my age? Believe it or not, your grandmother was your age once upon a time. Ask her to impart the wisdom she has gained in the meantime to help you in the life stages ahead. While much about the world has changed in the last several decades, many of life’s important lessons are still the same.


2. How did you meet grandpa? Ask your grandmother to tell her own love story in her own words. Even if you have heard the story before, ask her to tell the story again. Ask additional questions about the timeline of events that connect to her love story. You may want to ask her to tell her perspective on your parent’s love story as well.


3. Will you tell me your favorite joke? Your grandma has a sense of humor. Maybe you have heard her tell jokes your entire life. If that’s the case, asking for her favorite means you will have a really good joke to add to your own arsenal of humor. If your grandma always seems serious and reserved, her favorite joke may very well surprise you.


4. Will you teach me how to ________? Choose anything that your grandmother is good at and ask her to teach you how to do it yourself. If your grandma has a type of food she is known for, ask her to teach you how to make her special recipe. If your grandma is good at crocheting, knitting, sewing, or quilting, have her show you the basics. You can use these basic skills and combine them with modern technology to make something really cool. For example, check out the way technology has changed quilting by visiting this site. Maybe your grandma is not a traditional grandma. No matter what your grandma’s interests, hobbies, and talents are, she can teach you something beneficial. Ask her to teach you how to change your oil, read a compass, or even how to play cards.

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5. What do you remember about your childhood? Ask your grandma to share her earliest memory. Ask her questions about her friends growing up. Ask her about school, her favorite games, pets, and summer adventures. Ask her what she did for fun. You may have a hard time picturing your grandmother as a child; however, asking her to share memories about her childhood will help you get to know her better. You may have more in common than you think.


6. What were your parents and siblings like? Your grandmother may be the only living link you have to your family’s past. Ask her to share stories and memories about other family members. Record her memories on camera or take notes as you listen. If you give your grandmother the chance, she will probably tell you some wonderful stories about your family that you’ve never heard before.


7. What was I like as a child? Do you wish you could ever travel back in time and see yourself as a child? With the help of your grandmother, you can do just that. Ask your grandmother to tell you her memories of you. Her insights can help remind you of dreams and interests you have forgotten, draw attention to positive qualities you have difficulty seeing in yourself, and help you see just how far you really have come since childhood. Asking this question will not only help you build a stronger relationship with your grandmother, but also with yourself.


In asking your grandmother these seven questions, you will discover a treasure trove of advice, memories, family stories, and even personal insights. Read about Janae’s sweet grandma Ginny here and here.

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