20 things to do when you’re stuck in

20 things to do when you're stuck in

I have always been something of a germ-a-phobe and that only amplifies when having a newborn. I think this winter we will be spending a lot of time in.

If you find yourself stuck inside as well, here is a list of some fun things you can do with the kids to pass the time.

1. Host a fancy dinner for your little ones. Make a regular family dinner something special with just changing a few special things. One night I let the kids drink from some glass goblets while they ate dinner and watched “Beauty and the Beast.” You could even add a little candlelight too. One tradition that I have heard of is having a candlelit dinner every month on the day you were married. We haven’t always done this, but it is a fun idea that can make a night special.

2. Use painters tape to create a race track through your family room and pull out the matchbox cars.

3. Get on the floor and have each kid choose what they want to do for 20 minutes. Let them be in charge of the fun.

4. Have a play date with a neighbor that lives really close.

5. Start a new chapter book with your kids. Recently we starting reading Jackson the Roald Dahl series and he absolutely loves them.

6. Build a fort and watch a movie in it.

7. Throw a dance party in your home. Play the “freeze” game by starting and stopping the music.

8. Use the tub. Play “Go fish” or just have an extra long play in the tub.

9. Have a photo shoot in dress ups and let the kids take pictures in whatever they want to wear.

10. Make something together: Cookies, bread, pizza…(this is a great recipe to try)

11. Go for a walk even if the snow is everywhere. Make memories with the kids in unexpected environments.

12. Paint, draw, color. Try one of these fun art projects: here, here, and here

13. Get to the gym anyway. If you can take an hour out for you. It will keep your mind in a good place!

14. Turn out all the lights and let the kids have some fun with flashlights. Maybe even have your own puppet show.

15. Hold a science experiment with ingredients from your kitchen.

16. Hold a boot camp in your house and teach the kids how to do a push up, sit up, or jumping jacks. For older kids create an obstacle course.

17. Snuggle

18. Record the kids doing whatever they do best.

19. Put a show on for the kids and watch one of your own.

20. Build a fort, sledding trail, snow man or just enjoy watching the snow from the inside.

I hope you found one idea that inspired you.

What do you like to do?

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