17 Star Wars Birthday Party Ideas

Have no fear, here comes 17 Star Wars birthday party ideas your way! This galactic theme is sure to impress and excite all of your guests.

Star Wars Birthday Party Table with cake and refreshments.

17 Star Wars Birthday Party Ideas

It seems like these days you don’t need any special reason to celebrate Star Wars, but with May 4th coming up we wanted to give you some ideas of how you can celebrate with your family! Whether you want to throw a “May the 4th” be with you party or a Star Wars Themed birthday party, you’ve come to the right place.

This is such a fun theme to share as I am such a huge Star Wars fan myself. Bridget, a party genius, threw an amazing Star Wars birthday party for her son is sharing all of her knowledge with us.

These ideas will help inspire you to have some out-of-this-galaxy fun. You may go all out on this day with a big party or keep it simple with just some light saber kabobs at dinner.

Star Wars Party Invitations

Starting with the invitation. Have you child dress up as Darth Vader, with this mask on,  and hand deliver the invitations to help set the theme. Kids will love to see Darth Vader deliver a party invitation to them.

Boy wearing Darth Vader mask for Star Wars Birthday party invitations

Star Wars Birthday Party Cake

This Star Wars cake topper is made by Cake Freak. She can make ANYTHING and she can ship any where in the USA.

Use a black table cloth, black balloons and Darth Vader figurines to decorate around the cake.

Star Wars Birthday Party Cake

Star Wars Birthday Party Activities

Give the kids a storyline that they need to train to become Jedi Masters to defeat the dark side and take down Darth Vader. This will include:

  • Jedi Robes
  • Light saber training
  • Fighting the Storm Troopers
  • Intergalactic Photo Booth
  • Build a Fighter Ship
  • Darth Vader Piñata
  • Astroid Game
  • Darth Vader Battle

Star Wars DIY Jedi Robes

Dress them in some DIY Jedi robes. As a helpful hint to save some money, buy a thrift store bed sheet or you could buy some inexpensive muslin fabric from Amazon to make these Jedi robes.

  1. Get tan and brown fabric. 
  2. Cut the fabric into a large rectangular piece like a poncho. You may need to measure the kids before pre-cutting them all out.
  3. Cut an additional piece of fabric into a long strip to use as the belt.
  4. Fold the larger piece of fabric in half and cut a half circle in the crease to make a neck hole.
  5. Place the larger piece of fabric over the child’s head then tie the long thin strip of fabric around the waist as a belt. That’s it!
Star Wars Jedi Robes being made for kids.

Light Saber Training

First up, light saber training by making pool noodles into light sabers.

Take a pool noodle and cut it in half. Next, use silver duct tape as a base and electrical tape for the buttons on the handle of the light saber.

Pool noodles shaped like Light Sabers.
Kids playing with Star Wars pool noodle light sabers.

Fighting the Storm Troopers

Create an obstacle course using hula hoops to fight the storm troopers. Jump through each galaxy (hula hoop) and through the milky way (kid tent with tunnel and add another tunnel) to enter into the home of the storm troopers (the bounce house with storm trooper white balloons).

Kids running through hula hoops
Tent with tunnel for Star Wars party

Intergalactic Photo Booth

Create the Intergalactic Photo Booth by using a clothing rack stand, a table cloth, and a shear overlay fabric you can purchase from Joann’s.

Kids taking pictures in Star Wars intergalactic photo booth with props.

As a prop, use light sabers and these bubble sayings attached cute paper straws from Bake It Pretty.

  • “May the force be with you”
  • “These are not the droids you are looking for”
  • “Beware of the darkside”
  • “Judge me by size do you?”
  • “Use the Force”
Star Wars paper straw bubbles.

Build a Fighter Ship

Fill up individual boxes you can get from Gygi’s with legos to build a fighter ship.

With their imaginations, they can built their ships and color their Star Wars coloring sheets.

Star Wars table decorated with Build a fighter ship supplies
Up close Star Wars Build a fighter ship supplies
Kids completing Star Wars Build a fighter ship

Star Wars Birthday Party Piñata

Every Star Wars birthday party needs to have a Darth Vader piñata! Get the candy to fill up the piñata HERE.

Make personalized storm trooper sacks to collect the candy. These are just white paper bags and then with a Sharpie draw on storm trooper faces.

Kids hitting at the Star Wars Party Piñata
Star Wars candy sacks colored like storm troopers

Astroid Game

Have the kids hunt around the yard for “astroids” (tin foil balls). They can use their storm trooper bags to collect them all.

Star Wars Party: Find the Astroids game.

The Darth Vader Battle

If you can find someone to dress up in this Darth Vader Costume, they kids are going to love battling him.

Turn on the dark side music as Darth Vader appears. Jedis grab your light sabers and attack.

Kids battling Darth Vader with pool noodles.

Jedi Training Certificates

Give all the little Jedis certificates for completing their Jedi Training. 

Such a cute party favor to send home with your new Jedi Masters along with their light saber, Jedi robe and candy bags!

Star Wars Certificate

Victory shot of the happy Star Wars party group!

Star Wars group party photo

Star Wars Music

Play Star Wars theme music for the party. It will really set the tone.

Star Wars Party Darth Vader DJ

Star Wars Wookie Cookies!

 To make these Wookie Cookies, use grasshopper cookies, black sprinkles, mini chocolate chips and white frosting. Melt some wilton melting chocolate and with a tooth pick draw lines to create “fur” like lines to create his face.

Star Wars Wookie Cookies

Star Wars Yoda Soda!

Plastic cups dipped in green Wilton melting chocolate and then quickly dipped into a shallow dish filled with Green Sprinkles.  Repeat twice to get the desired thickness of sprinkles. Top with a cute straw from Bake it pretty and you are good to go.

Star Wars Yoda Soda

Star Wars Padawan Popcorn

This Padawan popcorn is made with chocolate covered popcorn, marshmallows and sprinkles. Use microwave popcorn and drizzle melted green Wilton melting chocolate over the top. Add sprinkles and marshmallows while the chocolate is still warm.

Star Wars Padawan Popcorn in cups.

Star Wars Light Saber Fruit Kabobs

Star Wars light saber fruit kabobs are made with a wine cork covered in tinfoil and black electrical tape as the handle. Then stab a skewer into the cork and slide the green grapes on to fill the saber part.

Star Wars Light Saber Fruit Kabobs

Star Wars Birthday Cupcakes

Let’s talk about these Star Wars Party Cupcakes. These are simple box mix cake and store bought white frosting. Silver, black and white cupcake liners would work for these. Top off the cupcakes with black sprinkles and you’re pretty much done.

Find the small light sabers as the perfect toppers for these basic cupcakes.

Star Wars cupcakes with green light sabers.
Star Wars cupcakes with light sabers, Darth Vader and storm trooper.

Star Wars Party Drink

Does it get any cuter than this? “Luke Sky-Water” Super easy to put together and fit the Star Wars theme perfectly. Get this Drink dispenser on Amazon.

Star Wars "Luke Sky-Water" Drink.

Star Wars Party “Princess Lays”

This is such a clever play on words with “Princess Lays” chips. Use any kind of chips you would like for this simple snack.

Bowl of Star Wars "Princess Lays" chips.

 Click HERE to get the printable of this “May the “4th” be with you”:

May the "4th" be with you printable.

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