10 Surprising Benefits of Keeping a Journal


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Written by: Camille

I have a ridiculous amount of journals that I have kept since the age of 5. My love for journal keeping began in my very first class in my very first school. We were asked to write something about our day or given a prompt for a way to get our little minds working on things that mattered to us. It started small but developed into a love affair with writing about my day and sorting out my inner-most thoughts. Through the years I have always kept some form of a journal and have benefited greatly from it. I wanted to share with you some of the value it has brought to me:

1. A very clear sense of self.

This seems to have developed over time as I wrestled back and forth with who I was becoming as a women and the things that I would choose to stand for. It also helped me to pinpoint the things in my day that meant the most to me, conversations that changed my outlook on the world, and a deeper understanding of the effect that my environment had on me. It also helped me form MY voice and know how to express it rather in written form or eventually through conversations.

2. A clearer direction of reaching your goals.

I am sure you have heard the expression that a goal is just a wish until written down on paper, or I guess in our era making note of in your tablet? I am kind of old fashioned when it comes to writing down goals or to do lists, it seems so much more satisfying when actually putting pen to paper. Writing something down makes us accountable and it also gives us a place to chart out a plan of how it is that we plan on getting there. Plans start with ideas that must be taken step by step, and after having thought of it, figuring out how you’re going to get there is the next step.

3. Tracking your progress.

Perhaps we wouldn’t remember where we had begun or where it is we are going without a journal keeping process. This can apply to goals that you may have physically, spiritually, mentally, or in your relationships. Especially when it comes to eating right, one of the first things you are asked to do with a dietician is to keep record of what it is that you are eating. Half of the time we go about life not realizing how our time is being spent.

4. Remember the sweet/funny things your kids say.

There have been so many times that my kids have said something hilarious and I have thought, “I need to write that down!” Not even a full day later, if I haven’t done just that, I usually forget. Today we were taking toys to play with outside and I asked Jayne what she would like to take outside with her and her response was “Chocolate!” I laughed out loud. A three year old can do that for you on a daily basis and I don’t want to forget!

5. Giving you a moment to reflect.

This is so often easier said than done. I have a “One line a Day” journal that is a snapshot of 5 years where you are asked to write just one or two sentences about your day. I keep it by my bed at night and just before I go to bed I take a moment to write something down. Sometimes it is something that surprised me, something that happened in our family, a thought or memory I don’t want to forget. Some days it is just a short note saying I made it through the day with sick kids. It is fun to see what you were doing on the same day all the years before.

6. You become the expert.

It happened very young that I became the expert on events and experiences. If my family ever disagreed about when/where something happened they would say in a joking yet serious way, “Ask Camille, she writes everything down. She will know!” That is a bit of an exaggeration, but it is true, a lot of times I DID know because I could remember things easier from having had written them down. Now the same rule applies with my husband. His memory stinks, and I get to be the expert with him! Ha ha.

7. Writing your story can inspire others.

Write with abandon. Write without any inhibition. This is a very brave thing to do. It is also very REAL and very INSPIRING. We all have good days, we all have bad days. Writing your story down may be just what someone needs to hear down the road while going through similar life experiences. It also may give you insight into how to help a friend, a child, or a family member to refresh your memory on how you felt.

8. Writing is free therapy.

I think we could save ourselves a lot of “therapy dollars” if we all started writing our thoughts, ambitions, worries, and goals down. Sometimes you just need to hash out those angry words on paper to get it out of your system. You can express yourself in a real way without having to pummel over someone if all of those thoughts come out in a misdirected way to them. Or if you need to get those thoughts out to someone it helps you organize what you would want to say to them in a healthy way.

9. Writing a journal is fun.

So many times I have heard people say they wouldn’t want to write a journal because they are afraid their grammar wouldn’t be correct and that would be so embarrassing. That is what should be the best part in writing a journal is that it is for YOU. It doesn’t matter what it looks like.

10. Write a journal in a form that works for you.

There are so many ways this can be done. It could be a note in your day planner, a simple line or two in your phone, or keeping a blog. Don’t worry about length or making it look a certain way. Commit to a schedule that works for you and you will find that it will become a habit that you can strengthen just like a muscle is strengthened lifting weights.

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